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Maid of Honor Poems

Made for the Maid of Honor! Elegantly-designed poems to recite to the best friend or sister as she becomes a bride. When wedding bells are starting to ring, shower the bride with love with an original verse, written by us, PoemstoGo!

Read this: Dear Amy, "Oh, what a gorgeous poem you wrote for my sister. I never could have done such a beautiful job. I'm crying joyful tears. You took a big load off my mind. Many thanks, Jenny

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Maid of Honor Poems - An Excerpt as Delivered by the Sister of the Bride

Dear Amy,

... And so, now that we’re gathered here
To toast her as a bride,
I’d like to take this festive chance
To share what’s deep inside.

When we were young, we shared a room,
And I the older one
Preferred an early, joint-bedtime.
With her, it was more fun.

Our family owned a restaurant
And we all did our share,
With Amy at the register,
Though she reached it with a chair.

Our house then was a challenge
With just one bathroom there --
One toilet, sink and shower, and
One outlet for our hair!

Poor Michael knows Amy and I aren’t quite
The angels that we seem.
He’ll testify his sisters make
A formidable team.

We’ve always had our heart-to-hearts,
And these days that’s still so,
But now it’s done by telephone,
As John and Aaron know!

And now that I have my two kids,
She is the perfect aunt.
They think Aunt Amy hangs the moon,
And I won’t say she can’t.

On shopping trips to pick out clothes,
She has a stylish eye.
She has me try unlikely things…
That I’m then glad to buy!

A confident and strong-willed girl,
She does things her own way.
“Will, Junior” makes her mind up.
“You’re just like your dad,” we say.

The Detroit Tigers have, so far,
Had quite a stellar season.
Do you suppose their happiness
For Amy is the reason?

When these two met in junior high,
They weren’t the best of friends,
But now their love is flourishing,
The kind that never ends.

They’ve earned this day. Their future holds
Great promise, and they’re ready
For lives of laughter, love and joy,
A marriage long and steady.



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