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You may eat the chocolates, but the Valentine's Day flowers don't last too long. Instead, give him a heartfelt poem full of love. "HI Amy, This is a great Valentine's day gift for my hubby! Too adorable, thanks so much for your great work, Sally"

Whether you'd like a funny valentine day poem or a sentimental one for your teacher, your child, your love, a customized verse from PoemsToGo makes the perfect gift.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Happy Valentine's Day Poems - A Sample

Dear Alan,

Alan, you are my sweetheart,
My lover, my best friend.
My eternal Valentine,
From now until the end.

As husbands go, you're something,
Really, truly great.
In all the ways that count the most,
You simply are first rate.

Also so affectionate,
And warm and neat and funny.
Romantic to your core,
Just as sweet as Queen Bee honey.

Your eyes are sparkling blue,
Like the ocean or the sky.
When I first laid eyes on them,
My heart skipped an "Oh, my!"

Those eyes light up a room,
Your smile is dazzling bright.
Your laughter says it all,
And it says all is alright.

I remember when we met,
"Who's your daddy?" you asked me.
I didn't know how to respond,
So I thought to myself, "Oh, gee!"

Two years later came my answer,
Daddy, Zachary is our son.
And daddy and son together
Make my heart full of love and fun.

Even though you are a clean freak,
And I'm, well, not the same,
Our home is full of love and joy,
My everlasting claim to fame.

I love our golf together,
Steamed clams you do adore.
For me, the best is sushi,
It's part of what life is for.

I remember our first Valentine's Day,
At Embassy Suites Hotel.
I had rose petals and balloons,
And chocolate-dipped strawberries, so swell!

So sweet how you got jealous,
You thought the hotel manager liked ME.
But I let you know most clearly,
That only YOU are the one I see.

Your bedroom eyes set me afire,
Your ways are all so dear.
Today or any day,
I'll make my point real clear.

You're my one and only Valentine,
Have been from the start.
You really touch it beautifully,
By that I mean my heart.

So on this Cupid day,
With arrows slug from high above.
Dearest Alan, my Valentine,
You'll always have all my love.