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Personalized Happy Birthday Wishes to Dad

Searching for some heartfelt birthday words to send to your Father? Look no further than PoemsToGo.

Read Barbara's poem to her father. Dear Amy, she wrote, "I had to write to let you know that we gave Dad the poem today. If you can imagine an 8o year old, strong Italian man, no mush about him at all, was absolutely brought to tears and smiles with your lovely poem. I wanted to let you know how wonderful the gift was. Thank you again for your services! I would highly recommend you and your company in the future."

When it's time to put another candle on your cake, be like Barb and order a special birthday verse today. Place your order right here or click the ORDER NOW button at the top of this page. A first draft will be delivered within 4 business days.

Each poem is specifically suited to the birthday boy or girl. It all starts with your information, which you will input on your easy-to-use questionnaire. This will arrive in your email upon receipt of your order. Send us your favorite stories and will incorporate them into your poem.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Birthday Poem Example

Dear Dad,

In Italy, across the sea --
That’s where your life began,
But it was in America
You grew to be a man.

You mastered electricity
And engineered your goal,
Creating from the ground floor up
Your business, Metropole.

You value la Familia;
Your love has sheltered us.
And that is why, with grateful hearts,
We’ve come to make a fuss.

A milestone of four-score years,
A strong, accomplished life;
You proved hard work and brilliance can
Win out and conquer strife.

For over half a century,
Your marriage has held true --
Three children and three grandchildren,
The harvest that you grew.

And oh, the many memories!
Remember Steel Pier?
We'd go to see the flying horse.
Seems like it was last year.

And every Sunday morning,
'Three Chefs' would be the spot.
It was a weekly ritual for
The breakfasts that we got.

'Big Girls Don't Cry' is what you'd play
When sister was upset,
And 'Sherry Baby' for her friend.
You see? We don't forget!

We played charades while driving to
New Jersey. 'Mickey Mouse'
Was what you signed; instead, my guess
Came out as 'Hickey House!'

For us, 'Silk' and 'Velveeta' were
The nicknames that you picked,
And you'd 'clean off' our ice cream cones
If drips had to be licked.

We kids grew up and shared good times,
Some serious, some funny,
We spread our wings and tried new things.
(Remember 'Daddy's Money'?)

With Nathan and Samantha and
With Michael, you're the best.
They know for sure that their Pop-Pop
Has aced the 'grandpa' test!

You've hit Atlantic City
And dined at the buffets.
The gambling is exciting;
It turns the nights to days.

But always, when it's over,
Home is the place to be.
You're indispensable to us,
Your loving family.

We've looked to you our whole lives through.
You've mastered everything.
As you might say, 'I Tolya!'
Happy Birthday! You're the king!



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