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Happy Birthday Poems

No matter how old you are, birthdays are fun! From 1 - 100, we'll create a heartfelt, fun birthday verse based on your stories!

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Happy Birthday Poems, An Example

Dear Mom,

When she was just a little girl,
St. Petersburg was home.
Since then, North Carolina
Is a favorite place to roam.

The simple words, like ‘heart’ and ‘home,’
Illuminate her life,
For she’s a loving mother,
And a Nana, and a wife.

With Carl, she’s known wedded bliss
For almost forty years.
Their faith is strong, their love is true,
Through smiles and hopes and tears.

Two children blessed their family life,
In Christie and in John.
Lee Ann has cherished both her kids
From their first moment on.

A kind and caring mother,
She raised them the best she knew how to do.
Supporting and encouraging,
She taught them what to do.

And now that they are both adults,
Left to their own devices,
They thank her for the love she gave,
And all her sacrifices.

A special memory is the night
Of her first grandchild’s birth
Through Christie’s hours of labor,
Sweet Mom proved her worth.

She cherishes the letter ‘K,’
For ‘Kiley’ and for ‘Keller’ –
These grandchildren who rule her heart
And make all dark days better.

To Georgia and North Carolina
She went, two years ago,
With Kiley, Keller, Christie,
Who had fun on the go. 

She always lends a helpful hand
When loved ones give a shout.
With her around, we always feel
The hard times will work out.

With leisure now, a game of golf
Can suit her to a “tee;”
As she drives fairways and putts greens,
With flexibility.

It shouldn’t be a big surprise
She’s grand at real estate.
She knows the worth of ‘home,’ and leaves
Her clients feeling great.

Her love of God and love of faith
Are anchors in her life,
Supporting her through thick and thin,
In times of peace and strife.

And now that she’s lived three-score years,
Her soul’s light truly glows,
Endearing her to all of us
And everyone she knows.

She makes our world a happy place
And makes of life an art,
So birthday wishes come to her
Sincerely, from our heart.



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