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Sweet Birthday Poems

Birthday are sweet at any age, so in the name of true romance, send your Mom the dearest of all wishes - a customized birthday poem, full of love!
Her birthday is all about the little moments, so reminsce a bit with me and tell me all about your Mum. Whether she's a funny lady or a serious one, I can bet that she will love her poem and your thoughtfulness.

"Amy, What a lovely birthday poem you wrote for our Mom. I am so happy I found you, as it's difficult for me to express myself. Much love and happiness. You did a marvelous job. Best wishes, Donna

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Happy Birthday Mom Poem - An Example

Happy birthday, Mom,
Boy, I’ll say you’re great.
With kisses from daughter Donna
Your loving child, one of eight.

Mom, it’s hard to believe,
Today you’re seventy-five.
I have to say with love,
You’re the greatest Mom alive.

No one stands more thoughtful,
More dedicated than thee.
And no one’s been more loving,
Thanks to you, Mom – thanks from me.

Like Mom, the time I was a kid
So desperate for a bike.
You brought one home, a used one,
And you fixed it so I’d like…

That gorgeous purple color,
Handlebar grips above.
A nifty basket up front,
Mom, you filled it up with love.

You’ve always had a marvelous
Sense of humor that’s just tops.
And how you find the bright side
With a will that never stops.

And Mom, our home was always
So comfy and so clean.
You even ironed our play clothes,
I was always proud to be seen.

Your superlative home cooking,
Always tastes so good,
If anyone’d rise to the occasion,
Mom, I knew you would.

I’m thrilled we share in common
Our tastes in music and song.
Celine is tops, and Martina?
Mom, how can we go wrong?

I think about your life, Mom,
How thoughtful to all of us,
So giving of yourself,
Without making a single fuss.

I’m just so grateful for it all,
All your gifts and all your care,
Please know as humans go on earth,
You’re altogether rare.

So on this special birthday,
When you’re seventy-five years young.
My wish for you is dreams fulfilled,
And that sweetest songs be sung.

You’re a bright spot in the garden,
A legend in my mind.
Mom if ever I felt lost at all,
You’d help…and I would find.

I wish you many more years,
Of health and ease and grace.
Warm winds of gratitude for you,
And sunshine on your face.

With special wishes for you
And love that’s sure – no chance.
I wish you life with golden thoughts
And Mom, I hope you dance…

Love always,


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