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Customized Graduation Poems

Graduation nerves are simply a part of your special day. Relax a little, by letting us create a special, original poem for you.

However you choose to celebrate, large or small, PoemsToGo can help you personalize your graduation party. Read this one: "I am so happy I have found you and your team. Your little poem is so sweet. I can't wait to frame it and post it in my kitchen. Sincerely, Patti"

Just think how fabulous your poem will be! Please give me a few details about your graduation, who you want to thank, and for what and I will go to town and create a masterpiece, like this one, for you.

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Your questionnaire will follow in your email box. Just complete and return to me. I will use your information to create a heartfelt, touching verse for you today!.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Graduation Thank You Poems - An Example

So much effort, none for the worse.
Just joy today – I am a nurse!
Hard work, hard times, so much to bear.
But success is sweet, like pure mountain air.

My thanks are many,
I owe so much
To those who truly
My heart, do touch.

Mom and Eric,
Gram and Gramps
Dan and Kristy,
You’re all champs.

Marilyn and Don,
Your support meant all,
And my fellow classmates,
Now we stand tall.

Debra, Nancy, Ande, too,
Just the best you are.
And the patients who let me be of help,
You’re best of all, by far.

And finally, Michael, who means the most,
My feeling is oh-so true.
I thank you for being the man you are,
Just know how much I love you.



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