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Nothing say 'I Love You' better than a Valentine's Day Poem

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Funny Valentine's Day Poems - An Example

To Katie:

Now I don't want to scare you
Or make your hair turn gray
But watch out, because here it comes:
Another Valentine's Day!

I know we haven't had much luck
On this day that's so ill-fated
But hopefully it will not become
Another Feb. 14th we hated

Nothing seems to go quite right
Something always seems a pain
But just for fun let's take a trip
Down Valentine's memory lane

There was the year that Olives
Misplaced our reservation
Waiting around for an extra hour
Sure chilled our jubilation

Oysters seemed the perfect choice
That other fateful night
Just the sight of that platter full
So whet our appetite

They were utterly delicious
They truly did amaze
Of course we quickly changed our minds
When throwing up for days

Oh, let us not forget the year
We vacationed in Miami
Not only did we get sunburned
We had to deal with Grammy!

A moment of real privacy
I don't think we ever had
Between taking her all over town
And old slideshows of your dad

That one year things seemed perfect
Dinner out without a hitch
We dined in a North End restaurant
To scratch our pasta itch

The pasta was just perfect
Al dente, but not too hard
But then I had to go ahead
And leave my credit card!

The latest cursed adventure
Just a year ago
Showed that Mr. Cupid can't
Control his sharp arrows

No he didn't miss our hearts
He has that part down pat
Rather he seemed to hit our car
And made our tire flat!

Despite all of our ill-fortune
Through all our misery
We'll still try to celebrate
What brought you right to me

Bring on the tribulations
We'll take them, come what may
And we'll forge on together
Every Valentine's Day

So let's see what fate has in store
There's nothing left to fear
We'll simply have another tale
To tell each other next year!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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