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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Engagement Poem Example

John, dear brother, used to ask
What makes a relationship right.
I said John if you don’t know,
Well, then it’s just good night.

My brother played the field in time,
Searching for his love.
And as I told him time and again,
If it’s right, you’ll know it, love.

It came to him a year ago,
Serenity – and blissful peace-a,
In the form of lovely, dearest…
And utterly charming Lisa.

She ventured from Hawaii
With 2 great kids in tow.
When John met Lisa, sparks flew,
And then he, well, did know.

They made a real connection
In just a little time.
John knew, so did Lisa,
It was wondrous as a rhyme.

Call it sparks a-flying,
Call it soul mates meet.
John and Lisa called it
Outstanding – and truly neat.

Their bond was in an instant,
How wonderful it took.
Even better, John…
Fell in love with Nick and Brooke.

Lisa’s just a perfect match
For John in every way.
They’re both so easy going,
And how they love to play!

‘Course Lisa’s a wee bit taller,
I don’t know how John feels.
But Lisa understands
And she’s taken to wearing low heels.

They came forth with their intentions
Just before Thanksgiving.
Engaged, awaiting marriage,
A brand new life they’re living.

It’s wonderful to watch them,
This duo loves their fun.
Wherever John and Lisa go
That’s where you’ll find the sun.

They’re funsters, players, jokesters,
Always in the mood.
Hey, these two do it all –
Like smearing each other with food!

They’re really in a groove,
Started as soon as they met.
Now, another symbol of union
Is Koa, their Great Dane pet.

I want to tell the two of you,
Dear Lisa and brother John,
How happy we are for both of you,
And how we’re smiling on.

So wishes for a marriage
That’s as joyful as today.
We love you both most deeply,
And we love you in every way.

Love you so much

Tracey and Michael
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