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Searching for words of solace?

In your time of need, words don't come easy. So, let us, the wordsmiths at PoemsToGo, create a loving sympathy poem for you.

Here is a sympathy poem that I created for a son-in-law. Alex was delighted. Dear Amy, he said, "What an uplifting and terrific poem. You really have a gift. This will touch them all. Many thanks."

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Death and Sympathy Poems - An Example

Some people's lives are short and sweet,
While other folks live long.
In Allen's case, he lived his life
Like one inspired song.

That smile of his lit up a room,
Contagious as a cold,
And though he lived to ninety-one,
He never did grow old.

He lived life fast, and his lead foot
Earned speeding tickets, too.
The life of every party,
Allen knew just what to do.

Beloved by all, his own true love
Was always his wife, Terry
Together sixty-six years, they
Were happy, kind and merry.

'Don't take such big bites,' Allen'd say --
A favorite declaration.
Or maybe, 'Hey, uncross your legs.
It cuts off circulation!'

He kept his hair, right to the end,
That clever storyteller.
He always had a joke in mind,
A fine, light-hearted feller.

He loved to play Bridge with
A group of friends so fine,
Made up of Nate and Sam and Max
And Allen Rubinstein.

Did Allen Isaacs love good food?
I wouldn't tell you no, sir.
He loved a hot dog barbecued,
As long as it was kosher,

Or razzle-dazzle berry pie,
Or even tuna fish,
And Osso Bucco always made
A welcome, tasty dish,

Smoked salmon or some halibut,
A Reuben or ice cream,
Hot coffee and fresh maple bars
Were Allen's eating dream.

His best friend, Bernie Bookchin is
My father-in-law, too.
We three could do most anything
We set our minds to do.

He had the smallest birdlegs.
He had the biggest heart.
We always had a lot more fun
Together than apart.

He was a snappy dresser who
Loved vests of fine cashmere.
They came in many colors, saying,
'Look at me! I'm here!'

So raise a strawberry milkshake
In Allen's memory.
The zeal with which he lived his life
Was quite a sight to see.

Let's give a cheer for Allen,
Whose love of life was swell.
I hope, when my life's over, that
I've lived it half so well.

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