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Holidays are for families. As Christmas draws near, now's the time celebrate with the ones you love. What better way than with a holiday toast for your family or office!

Read this true-life example. Connie was so excited, saying "Dear Amy, Here's to you and PoemsToGo! Wow, This is the greatest toast! I didn't have the time to come up with anything. You saved the day!"

If you're planning a get-together, perhaps you'll need to say a few words. Don't sweat it! Be like Connie and et the little Christmas angels at PoemsToGo create a fun, heartfelt toast for you.

Whether for Christmas, New Years, a corporate gathering, Poems To Go will write the annual Christmas greeting, a heartfelt toast, speech, that will be enjoyed by all.

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Now, with Christmas around the bend, let's get started.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Sample Christmas Toasts

As I look around the room tonight, I can't help smiling. As always, everything is so beautiful. Thanks to Mom's hard work, long hours, and amazing ability to find the best Christmas decorations on sale, her home feels like it belongs in storybook, or at least a holiday feature of one of her Good Housekeeping magazines.

Even if we took photos, however, they couldn't capture the real beauty of the scene. The magic in this room doesn't come from the smell of the fresh garland, or the crackling fire in the fireplace, or the resolute jaws of Nana and Papa's old nutcrackers.

The Christmas spirit comes from Mom herself. It comes from the way that she bakes five sets of cookies so that we all get our favorite, even though only Michael likes the macaroons. It sparkles on the Christmas tree as the tinsel that she lovingly and painstakingly applies strand by strand.

It hangs as the ornaments that she's given us over the years to celebrate our accomplishments, the tiny mustang from the year I turned 16, the golden trumpet from when I made first chair in the band. It sits patiently as the pile of perfectly wrapped presents that have been under the tree since just after Thanksgiving, because she always has her shopping done way ahead of the pack.

Most of all, it comes in her hugs, her smiles and her laugh. Mom, you have always made Christmas such a special time for our family. It seems like you alone have the magical power to withstand the stress and commotion of the holidays, and instead become this bundle of energy and joy that keeps the rest of us in line. You always tell us to remember all the reasons that we're blessed. Tonight, I want you to know that you're at the top of that list. We are all immensely lucky to have such a wonderful, creative, kind and passionate person in our lives. This Christmas, I want to thank you for everything that you've done, and for all the ways that you embody the giving spirit of the holidays in your every day life. Let's raise our glasses and toast the woman who makes everything happen- Merry Christmas, Mom.



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