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Merry Christmas Speeches

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Christmas Speeches

What a great day this is! A celebration to commemorate the life of a truly sweet soul. I'm referring, of course, to our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ.

The occasion I speak of is Christmas 2009, and a wonderful occasion it is -- because Christmas is a wonderful holiday, a great season, a fabulous time for joy and peace.

Here we are at the Beauchamps house, where Dina has made a delicious Christmas dinner. Dina and I share a rather sweet bond. We're both mothers, yes. Me to one girl and Dina to wonderful little girls, Bethany and Chrissy. Perhaps that common identification has helped to forge a special bond between Dina and myself. I don't know. But whatever the reason for our friendship, the fact remains that I consider Dina a true, wonderful, fun, bright, dear friend -- and I'm just thrilled to have her in my life. In fact, I feel like every day is Christmas with her!

She's a loving wife to her husband, Lorezeno, and in addition to Bethany and Chrissy, they have another child together, Rachel, who is six years old and a darling little girl. The way Dina manages to balance her life as a wife and a mother -- along with her life as a successful, active businesswoman -- is most impressive. But it's not surprising at all for those of us who know Dina. She is imminently capable in all ways. As I said moments ago, she's a great success, because she does a great job, at anything she does.

There's a lot of work in Dina's life, yes, but her life is not ALL work…most definitely. Dina knows how to have a good time, too. That's for sure. Horses are one of her great pleasures. Riding them, yes. And watching them race, too! We've had many a rip roaring time at Cheltenham, for example. So much fun and excitement! Dina knows horses, and she has an uncanny knack for spotting winners and betting on them. I guess any way you look at it, Dina is a winner.

She loves to entertain, she loves her chocolate and she loves her holidays -- especially in places where the people are warm, the food is delicious and the sun is always shining. Like Portugal, a place of which she is especially fond.

Dina likes a nice little drink now and then, too. Or maybe a nice big drink -- or twelve -- if the occasion warrants it. By occasion, of course, I mean something special, like a birthday or an anniversary or an altogether pedestrian Wednesday night.

Though she was born and raised in her beloved Denmark, Dina has found herself quite at home right here in England. She loves the activity and the life of London. The theater, the restaurants, the lights and the electric atmosphere of this marvelous town are tonic for her. But at the same time, she's thrilled indeed, in fact she's enraptured by our British countryside. Dina and Mark and the girls have a lovely second home in the Cotswolds, and it seems as if, London notwithstanding, that's where Dina's heart is. She loves her beautiful country home, with good reason -- it is gorgeous and serene. And she loves her life there. The city, the country. The career, the family, the friends. Dina truly has it all, and her life is a testament to reasoned balance, ongoing accountability, and most assuredly, an understanding of what it takes to be -- and have -- a friend. She's golden. She's priceless. She's Dina.

So here we at Dina's, what else could I buy her, but more chocolate! I hope she loves it. She loves fun, she loves her family, she loves life. This business director has a heart as big as anyone's. She's a dear friend and a wonderful person in so many ways. She's the godmother to my son, Jonny, and I'm thrilled and grateful for that. In so many very important ways, Dina, my wonderful friend, is more like family. I feel that close to her.

So tonight, Dina, at Christmas time, I just want you to know that I am lucky and happy -- to say the LEAST -- to have you as a most special friend, playmate, confidante. You are a wonderful, beautiful person, and you make a real shining difference in every life you touch. Your first forty years have been, by all indications, remarkable. I predict that the next forty years -- and beyond -- will be even more so.

To you, Dina, on this day, and every day, my best wishes, my utter joy at knowing you, my happiness in knowing that our friendship continues to grow, and my hopes that your long life is forever filled with joy, peace, satisfaction, laughter, grandchildren and all the best things in life. It's only natural…because YOU are the best as well.

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