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A Christmas Speech Sample

Christmas is a pure delight,
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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Christmas Speech Example

Thank you all very much for coming to our home tonight. It's a joy and a pleasure to see each and every one of you here; friends, family and extended family. I know it's a little cramped in here, but I think if we keep eating all the wonderful food, it'll make some more room for everyone. Dibs on Grandma Nicole's lemon meringue!

Now bear with me for just a few announcements. Please don't let Joey near the tree this year. It's the very same tree stand, and still very unstable. No, Emily's mint brownie recipe is still not for sale (and believe me, my wife Judy has tried). Santa will be late this year because he got a ride with Uncle William. And finally, if we do attempt karaoke again this year, Francine has to sing “Crocodile Rock.”

In all seriousness, Christmas has always been a special time for our family because it's one of the few occasions we can gather most of us together. This year, not only do we have various guests of our family, we also welcome little Jennifer, the beautiful daughter of Sam and Timothy. Congratulations you two. Hopefully, Jennifer isn't allergic to walnuts like Sam and Tim are, so at least one of them can enjoy some of Judy's wonderful cookies. Oh by the way, Sam and Tim, there are walnuts in Judy's cookies. I also want to congratulate Sara and her fiancée Bryan. Best wishes on your upcoming wedding. If you need a photographer…well, I'm sure Larry has already found you.

Again, it really does warm my heart to see everyone here tonight. We have 4 generations of Donnelly's represented here, and that's an amazing thing. Please, enjoy yourselves, mingle with people you might not know, and reconnect with old acquaintances. There is plenty of food to fill your stomachs, and we don't want any leftovers. Merry Christmas, and enjoy!



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