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Deck the Halls with a Child's Christmas Poem

As Christmas approaches, take time out from all the holiday shopping and wrapping to do something special - write a christmas letter!

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Christmas Poems for Kids - An Example

For Mark And Chloe

Sit down beside your father,
I'll tell you stories from my youth,
These tales talk of Santa,
Trust your Daddy, they're the truth.

When I was only seven,
I recall lying in my bed,
And I'll swear I heard some footsteps,
Upon the roof above my head.

I knew if Santa saw me,
Lying there and still awake,
The magic spell it could be broken,
And all my presents he might take.

So I closed my eyes, turned over,
And fell asleep without warning.
When I awoke I scampered downstairs,
To find my presents in the morning.

Now the years have passed,
There's a new chapter in my life
Cos' I've got two lovely children,
And Yvonne my lovely wife.

I've watched you grow from infants,
To the age you are today,
And I still revel in your waiting
For Santa Claus upon his sleigh.

It's still a kind of magic,
That each year that big man comes,
And I never will forget, Mark,
The year you got a set of drums.

How he got those down the chimney,
In and out, then, in a flash.
But I'm sure while I was dozing,
That I heard a cymbal crash.

And of course the year that Chloe
Got her toy kitchen on that day,
I thought that we would need
To add a room for her to play.

Indeed, this is that time of year,
When you both behave the best.
So if you could keep this habit going,
Me and your Mother would feel blessed.

Make your beds, put out the trash,
These things won't be in vain.
Cos' the seasons will fly by,
Until it's Christmas time again.

I know you've written letters
To the big man with the beard,
And since you've both behaved like angels,
On Christmas morning you'll be cheered.

There's something every year you ask me,
Again, the answer I don't know.
Although your Daddy can fix most things,
I can never promise snow.

So on Christmas Eve at bedtime,
Both go to bed, get wrapped up tight,
And we'll see what Santa brings you,
In the early morning light.

Sometimes you both might wonder
Why Santa doesn't visit Dad.
But when it comes to lovely presents,
You are the best I've ever had.


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