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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Christmas Poem

Dear Stanley,

Is it really so?
Can time go by so fast?
Christmas again with Stanley?
Hey, I think it's gonna last!

I'm truly the luckiest girl,
To have him all these days
. He swept me off my feet,
How he can still amaze!

We met in London, England,
It was August, '54.
A sailor on his very first cruise,
I knew there'd be much more.

Those first three days were great,
Then fifteen months of mail.
I could tell, we'd be together,
I just knew it…without fail.

We married, Christmas day
He set me up in Rhode Island, yes.
Then he shipped out to the Caribbean,
All things happen for the best.

He returned home from a cruise,
I was very pregnant, in a borghana coat.
I thought I looked like a big black bear,
Would that float his boat?

We had TWO great kids in time,
Michael and Penelope they are.
Both are truly wonderful,
Each, in their way, a star.

Stanley was always a great father,
Firm and very fair.
Made them wait before doling proper punishment,
For parenting, he has the flair.

We had lots of great old fun,
Often in a canoe.
Stanley guided and he paddled,
So we fished, what else could we do?

Stanley did all the work,
For us, it couldn't be better.
Poor guy, the way we tangled
Our fish hooks in his sweater.

Another time he was napping deep,
I tried to climb into the canoe.
I slipped, the canoe turned over,
Our sleeping sailor got soaked, it's true.

He always worked long and hard,
Then, with his saxophone, he'd swing.
Always those Yuletide tunes
How that man can bring!

Retired now, he's busy
With his sax and his model trains.
Always clear and sunny,
With Stanley, it seldom rains.

He can be, at times, a curmudgeon,
But I love this special dear.
And many more years together,
That's my wish, gold and clear.

Stanley, great man, great father,
Great husband whom I adore.
On this, our Christmas anniversary
You're the best that life is for.



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