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Christmas Greetings

Rockin around the tree, enjoying that Annual Christmas letter. What could be better? Having trouble putting pen to paper - Fear not ... we'll send a heartfelt holiday wish for you.

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May you have a Merry Christmas!


Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Merry Christmas Greetings

To our dear family and friends:

It's hard to believe the Christmas holiday is here again. Time sure does seem to fly! To all of you, our warmest wishes -- for this holiday and for every day. We hope all is great with your family and that life, in all ways, is good.

2009 has been a memorable year -- and a highly (re)productive one for the Harufs. All kinds of blessed events occurred this year!

First according to the calendar, Brady Robert was born to Lexi and Rob. The joyous arrival came in March, and Aidan has made the admirable transition to big brother in seamless fashion!

And while they say lightning strikes twice, for the Harufs in '09 it struck a fabulous thrice when, in October, Nicky and Rick bade wondrous welcome to twin girls! They are Gabriella Kathleen and Isabella Moorea. Their big sister, Makenna, made news herself by starting kindergarten in the fall.

You probably won't be shocked by this revelation, but the fact is that Mark & I LOVE being grandparents -- and the more the merrier! All these kids make us laugh, question, explain, think and play. I could say, in short, that it's all pure joy…and that's a blissful understatement!

Life still comes in cycles for Andrea. This year, she completed the Colorado Last Chance 1200 km bike ride, finishing in a very impressive time of less than 67 hours. She took fourth over all, and was first among the women! Most important, her stellar performance means she qualified for RAAM -- The Race Across America, an incredible transcontinental west-to-east bicycle marathon that covers 3000 grueling miles and stands (or, in this case, sits on a bicycle seat) as one of the toughest athletic events in the world. When she's not riding thousands of miles on her bike, Andrea takes it easy by rock climbing. I'm getting exhausted just writing about all this! In between marathon rides and climbs to egregious heights, she's busy doing research at the School of Mines in Golden.

Wendy and Phil continue juggling kids, dogs, various philanthropic adventures and business. Michael is now at Cal State Northridge and, in addition to his studies, he's a cadet with the Glendale Campus Police Dept. Chris is a junior at Colorado University in Boulder where he majors in snowboarding and minors, when there's time, in business. David, a high school senior, is applying to colleges when he's not wrestling, and Daniel, a sophomore in high school, is following his brother's footsteps toward the wrestling mat.

Finally, there's Harley, our beloved Maltipoo. He's doing fine as ever, but with the arrival of the latest shift of two-legged love bunnies, our feline quadri-ped has grudgingly, but lovingly, moved down in the pecking order. But most important, he's fine. In fact, he's downright dogged in finding his place in the Haruf sun.

In June, Mark and I lit out for the great northwest, spending a few wonderful days in Seattle with my sister and her husband before embarking on the Alaska cruise of a lifetime. We wound our way thru the inside passage, making enchanting stops in the picturesque pioneer towns of Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau. We had hoped to pay a visit to Sarah P. but we just didn't have the time.

By the way, Victoria (British Columbia) is an utter delight…and it's so clean! I'm convinced they bring out the biggest vacuum cleaners under cover of night.

We enjoyed a number of marvelous shore excursions during the trip. One of the highlights was dog sledding -- with real Iditarod dogs! The ship's entertainment was awesome, too, and it featured, among others, a group called The Texas Tenors, a mellifluous bunch that actually made it to the finals of "America's Got Talent." Last I heard, they're headlining in Vegas! I have to say, this trip was really incredible, and it did my old Lake Superior roots a world of good to get back in touch with serious water.

In February, my sister joined us (along with a grandnephew from LA -- who was in town playing hockey). In July, we celebrated yet another arrival -- this one a grand niece! The whole family (including two grand nephews) came to Colorado for a summer vacation and we had a grand old reunion!

Next February, brother Kent is having yet another world premiere. This time it's the stage adaptation of his book, Eventide. The event will take place in February, at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. We might be biased, but we're sure that it's going to be a big hit!

Life in Denver is good. And we love our Rockies, Broncos, AVs and Nuggets with a grand passion!

Finally, my retirement is still a question mark, but when it happens-you can bet we'll be on our way out for a visit! Mark still is doing his tax accounting, and he plans to be at it a few more years.

Again, to all, our very best for the holidays and forever. May 2010 be a wonderful, healthy, satisfying and thoroughly charming year. Please…stay in touch. You mean the world to us.

Love always,
Mark and Kathy

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