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According to Jewish tradition, a Bar Mitzvah is truly momentous, a rite of passage in which a 13 year-old makes the rather mystical, magical transition from boyhood to manhood.

Read this true-life example.Dear Amy, "I'm overjoyed with your work. What a great candle lighting poem for the ceremony. Many, many thanks and continued good luck, Best, Susie

So when your child is all set to celebrate his/her bar mitzvah, let us do the honors and write a heartfelt candle lighting poem for you. We'll include 1 -2 stanzas for each relative or group of friends lighting a candle. If you have more candles to light, just let us know and we will accommodate you.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Bar Mitzvah Candle Lighting Poem

Today is my Bar Mitzvah,
And I'm sure glad you're here.
Now it's candle lighting time,
And the meaning is crystal clear.

If I call upon you,
Please share my delight.
Come on up and help me
Shed some candle light.

Candle number 1
I light for those who passed.
They can't be here in body
But their spirit will forever last.

All my great grandparents,
And Papa Sam, too.
Thought I never met him,
I feel his love so true.

Nanny and Pappa are the best,
Always do what it takes.
My sleepovers at their house
Mean special breakfast fruit shakes.

Birthday dinners aplenty,
Broadway shows with you.
Come on, Nanny and Pappa,
Let's light candle 2.

Let's hear it for Grandma Mandle,
Who always takes great care.
She drives us in the "Mandlebread-mobile,"
And always gets us there.

You treat us at the deli,
And always let us be.
Grandma Mandle, come on up
And light my candle 3.

Aunt Amy, Uncle Mikey,
Joann, Helen, Cindy and Zach
Once they lived in Chicago,
Now to California they've come back.

My cousins are the greatest,
We love Paradise Island, for sure.
Come on up with me
And please light candle 4.

Aunt Norma, Uncle Warren
David, Betsy and Ben
Our boating trips up in Maine
I rate a stellar ten.

Betsy makes Oatemal
The best breakfast alive.
Won't you guys please help me
By lighting candle 5?

Cousins Lisa and David,
Aunt Dottie, Uncle Dick
Aunt Anita is the greatest cook,
Her potato latkes won't miss a trick.

David, what an athlete,
Lisa's at B.U.
Come light candle six,
You folks are sure true blue.

Aunt Stella, Uncle Max
Andy and Alex the twins.
Your barbecues in Waban
Are, as they say, win-win.

The twins are into sports,
Soccer and baseballl are like heaven.
Will you folks come up now
And light up candle 7?

Our close neighbors and dear friends,
Selma and Al Karp,
You and Helene and Greg,
So close, it's really sharp.

The Gomes family are special,
Even our dogs are close!
Our time together is always fun,
As everybody knows.

Both families, please come up,
You guys are really great.
Help me now, grab a candle,
Let's light up number 8.

Our family friends from Motown,
This new distance is a bummer.
But we always try to catch u
On our trips up north each summer.

The Barrons, Tatlemans and Jon Rosen,
Really, truly fine.
Come on up right now<
br /> And light up candle 9.
Aunt Harriet, Uncle Al
Special in every way.
Having you here for my Bar Mitzvah
Makes it a more special day.

The holidays aren't holidays
Unless this special cousin is there.
I'm talking about the one and only,
Mom's great cousin Claire.

How special is Aunt Netski
Her games and tricks amaze, for sure.
I just have one regret,
Wish we could see her more.

All you most special relatives,
You can really honor me so.
Please come up and light up candle 10,
Now…on with the show!

No guy is an island,
Gotta have your friends.
Mine are great for years and years,
Fun that never ends.

Some I've known since kindergarten,
Some from camp each year.
Amusement parks, sports and TV shows,
Whatever we do is dear.

Come on up and light it up,
11 is a friendship candle.
OK, guys…do your thing…
This, I think you can handle.

My brother and my sister,
They truly are the best.
That's the way it'll always be,
You know, be my guest.

Eddie is 2 years younger,
He loves XBOX and lots of sports.
We both love our dog, Blackie
Eddie is a real fun sort.

Fact is, I love my brother,
He really is first rate.
As far as kid brothers go,
This one's really great.

My sister Melanie, five years old,
Cute as a button is she.
Her protectors in this life?
Well, they're Eddie and me.

Come on, Melanie and Eddie,
You know what to do.
Come light candle 12,
You guys…I love you!

Mom and dad, what can I say?
You're sweet but sometimes grating.
Getting on my case
About procrastinating.

Most important, Mom and Dad,
Are all about family and love.
They're the very best parents on this earth,
Or in the skies above.

I thank you so for all you've done,
And all you always do.
That's why candle 13
Is meant just for you two.

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