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Wish your Boss a Hearty Retirement

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Poem for your Retiring Boss

Cloyce Purcell is retiring,
Pilot Point ISD won't be the same.
But Cloyce, aka dad,
Is leaving on top of his game.

Over thirty-eight years on the job,
He really covered every base.
Coaching, principal, superintendent,
Bus driver and janitor -- just in case.

Considered by many who know,
The very best math teacher going,
He's special in every way,
An educator who's well worth knowing.

Calm as calm can be,
He'd get 300 screaming kids to relax.
And a master psychologist amongst them,
These are not jokes, they're just facts.

If anyone was ever in need,
Of guidance or help or advice,
Cloyce was the man, time after time,
He'd always be patient and nice.

Had a stop light installed in the cafeteria,
To stop talking that was far too loud.
Helped Chad with his big science projects,
And always sure did him so proud.

Misty was smart, maybe too much,
But help Cloyce she sure gladly would.
Loved to see kids grew and build wholesome lives,
He'd always do all that he could.

Had a detention desk inside his closet,
In that small space, unruly kids would go sit.
It's said that he owned an electric paddle,
But I don't believe it one bit.

He's trustworthy, honest and caring,
Dedicated to the Nth degree.
With a wonderful wife by his side,
And a home of love and harmony.

Brian the athlete, always injured,
Broken ankles and arms, good heavens,
Cloyce would drop everything and take him
To that wonderful Doctor Evans.

His voice boomed down hallways forever,
"Stop running!" he'd cry out so bold.
Pilot Point ISD surely knows,
In Cloyce, that school just struck gold.

Kids knew they should never get caught,
Chewing gum any time while in school.
Or they'd stay late that day, for sure,
Scraping tables and desks -- not so cool.

Or if you carved into a desk,
You better be ready to carry
It all over school from then on,
Because that desk you would virtually marry.

The kids at the school were so proud
To give him woodshop paddles they built.
It was really just so much great fun,
And appreciation right up to the hilt.

So to you, the best math teacher ever,
And a jack-of-all-trades in our school.
We all know this fact number one:
Cloyce Purcell really does rule.

Dad, we wish you the best for retirement,
You deserve so much fun and joy, too.
With our love and our wishes and gratitude,
There's just no one, but NO one like you.


Nikki and Brian