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Birthday Speeches

Here's to your husband on his birthday! If you are having trouble finding the right words to say, let us create a touching speech for you. For ten years now, PoemsToGo has been writing for individuals the world round. We'll give you funny, we'll give you straight-from-the-heart, we'll give you whatever you want in the way of a speech for a 40th, a 50th a 70th or more. You can be sure it will be terrific! Read some of these comments!.

Here is a dinner speech prepared for husband from wife. "Dear Amy, You've hit this one out of the park! All I can say is, you have taken a great load off of my shoulders, thank you so much! Dina"

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Your questionnaire will follow in your email. Please tell me all about the birthday boy, include a few favorite memories and I will create a marvelous speech for you. You will receive it in only four business days.

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For any questions, please feel free to email me. I wish you the happiest of birthdays.


Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

It's hard to believe that time can fly by so fast. Hard to believe that I'm married for thirteen years now. And altogether impossible to believe that the 22 year-old guy I met all those years ago, is, on this very day, celebrating his 40th birthday!

Yes, it's true. My dear, sweet husband Lorenzo is now 40. When we first met, Lorenzo was 22, a baby, I guess, in relative terms. But what did I know? I was 19! An infant, in those same relative terms.

Well…I guess I DID know some things. I knew that Lorenzo was a great guy, yes. And, in time, I would learn that he's a wonderful, loving husband, an out-of-this-world father, a dear, true friend and so much more.

The youngster who grew up in Media, Pennsylvania…became a lifeguard in Brigantine, New Jersey…and set out on a great career path with Healthcare Services Group is the epitome of love and caring and good times and fun. This I know quite well, believe me.

Lorenzo is really just the greatest. He's kind beyond belief. And he cares as much -- if not more -- than any other person on this planet. Lorenzo and I are blessed with four wonderful, beautiful children: Anthony, who is 8. Sofia, 5. Charlie, 4. And Dougie, 2. I'm so happy to tell you this: When each of these lovely kids was born, Lorenzo was right there, holding my hand every step of the way. It was incredible. And it's Lorenzo.

As a father, as a family man, he is fun and tender and filled with love. He plays with the kids all the time, sharing their interests in soccer, hockey, swimming and more. Best of all, he's a great dad who knows how to raise his kids beautifully. At the same time, he knows how to relate to them in many ways -- as if he were a kid himself.

He is so trustworthy, too. If Lorenzo says he's going to do something, he WILL. You can bank on that. All the time.

He works hard. On the job, for family, for friends. Lorenzo is the essence of responsibility and accountability. He's the best of both worlds. A real live grown up and an honest to goodness fun kid, too.

His smile can light up a room…the same way it has been lighting up my life for all these years.

He loves the beach. A day devoted to fishing is paradise for Lorenzo. He's crazy about football, hockey, tailgate parties, playing in the snow, grilling outside, spicy food, seafood and, most of all, his family and friends.

To all of you, Lorenzo's family and friends and co-workers, I want to thank you for being here, for sharing this occasion and celebrating with us. You're all such big components of Lorenzo's life, and all of you, in your very special ways and your particular interactions with him, have helped to make him the person that he is today. I'm here to say you've all done a great job. A perfect one, in fact. I can't thank you enough for it.

Dearest Lorenzo, wonderful husband, great father, earnest friend, hard worker…what can I say other than this: I love you dearly and deeply. To be your wife is so wonderful, and so special. You just mean the world to us…and you're simply the best.

Have a happy 40th birthday. Maybe it be the onset of many more years of happiness and health and fulfillment in all kinds of ways. I'll say it again: You mean the world to us. You certainly mean the world to me.

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