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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Birthday Poetry - An Example

Dearest Shawn, your great big day
The occasion – it’s here now.
Is my husband really forty?
Oh-my-gosh! I could have a cow!

Sweetheart Shawn, I’m lucky truly,
And honored to be your wife.
You’ve made me oh so joyful
And you’ve given me a great life.

I can’t forget our meeting
Back at Andersen Consulting days.
You took me under your wing,
Taught me lots of winning ways.

Then life became a mix-up,
You moved on to newer places.
But you stayed within in my heart,
Always a man of wondrous graces.

We got back in touch in ‘98
You were my soul, my rock.
It was time to be together,
In fact, it was a lock.

When we married on the Third of June,
The year 2000, yes,
I knew that life had changed again,
And this time for the best.

I think of all the things you’ve done
You know? It’s really cool.
From a wild man shaving his head
To a teacher in high school.

And how you touched some people
In ways that just inspire.
I think of you and Ashley Fenton…
On a level so much higher.

I think of all the things you do,
So special in every way.
How you build a great and golden life
With wonders every day.

How you’re such a great old listener,
A dear and loving dad,
The grandest son on earth,
Oh boy, about you I’m mad!

And then there’s all your passion
For birds, for cars, UT.
Can you guess? For you I’m crazy…
Hey Shawn, oh can you see?

I don’t know what you CAN’T do
Because you do so much.
New floors, new brakes, new molding,
This fellas’ got the touch.

And got it touching people, too,
You really rise above.
Sharing feelings comes so easily
Not afraid to live…and love.

Tommy Joe and Mack,
And our great big family
Join me in this wish for you
And all most joyously.

My sweetheart of the auto shop,
And prince of great spaghetti.
Just know if the occasion’s great for you
To celebrate, I’m ready!

So happy birthday, honey,
From your best friend, wife and pal.
Just know our bond is special
And I’ll love you always…Val.

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