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Birthday Wishes for your Wife

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Birthday Poem to Wife Example

Dear Shi,

Happy birthday to my wife,
My sweet and lovely Shi.
With birthday wishes on and on,
Who loves you more than me?

You’re a beauty, always were,
From your very first days in China.
I tell you – as I tell the world
After you, there’s NO one finer.

And you’re a pro at organizin’,
A developmental star.
Just tell me, dear, did you ever find
That misplaced Norwich car?

It’s hard to accept that time goes by
So quickly without seam.
Like yesterday, our very first date,
Was it real or did I dream?

It was a Shanghai bistro
They served fine Japanese food.
We talked, we charmed, we had a ball
‘Til you did something rude.

You spooned up your wasabi,
One outrageous fiery glop.
And you swallowed it in one fell swoop,
It made you blow your top!

A penchant for horseradish,
That’s how I remembered Shi.
And that was just a start,
There was so much more to be.

A life, a love, great daughters,
Dreamer Chanters, bookworm Jazz.
Our family is tops, of course,
And there’s so much more to pass.

I think of all the fun,
Of what you mean to me,
From sharing Chinese food
To Sci-Fi on DVD.

And sharing tastes in music
Particularly French.
How listening to Piaf
Could make a full heart wrench.

My darling, dear, my polyglot,
Speaking tongues from Arabic to Hindi.
I’d stick with you in weather
From fair to rain to windy.

‘Course now you’re busy setting up
Your brand new China gig.
Like all else that you’ve ever done,
I know you’ll hit it big.

Like your champion show jumping,
And on Italy’s Olympic team,
You were always just the very best,
And now you’re picking up steam.

Not older, dear, but better
And as much fun now as then…
Because you’re mine, I’ve always known
I have more than other men.

So on this day, your birthday
I say right from the start,
You mean everything to me, my dear,
You’re always in my heart.

Happy 50th Birthday!



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