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Birthday Poems to a Son

Is your son about to have his birthday? Terrific. Say "Happy Birthday" with a customized verse today. Remember when you were a kid and all the parties you had, with all your friends. Here at PoemsToGo, we love to write for kids of all ages. Read this:

Liz loved it, "Amy what an amazing poem and such a special gift! I know he will love it as much as I do - Many thanks!"

For kids from 1 - 100, let us write a poem for you today. We have been pleasing birthday customers for over 10 years now - WOW! Just think what we can do for you!

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A 13th Birthday Poem Example

Dear Louie,

My darling son, dear Louie,
He's best in every way.
Now we celebrate with joy
His big 13th birthday.

Louie is so special,
No one else on earth
Is sensitive, fun and strong like him,
Or compares in his golden worth.

I'll always remember the day he was born,
Took 20 hours to show his face.
He always takes his time, my son,
Has such a sense of place.

Right away he was the calmest babe,
Such an easy child to raise.
In lots of different ways
Our Louie can amaze.

The day he went to kindergarten
I cried, the tears did flow.
But brave and independent,
Off to school did Louie go.

He grew up in 2 separate households,
Has a large family…everywhere.
Everyone loves our Louie,
If there's joy around, he's there.

I was 19 when Louie was born,
We grew up together, it's true.
Such a wonderful little guy,
With a caring, pure world view.

Older than his years in ways,
So very loving and so wise.
When they made strength of character,
They made Louie up to size.

The deep talks we have together,
Our heart-to-hearts, so bright.
He's just the greatest young man,
He always sheds great light.

When his little sister, Alana, was born,
Louie was right there
He was first to hold Alana,
First to show such care.

Does all the things that kids do,
Skateboard, snowboard all day.
And talk about great dancing,
Louie leads the way.

He loves sushi with Rob and me,
Enjoys quality time with Paul.
Hangs out with Papa and Grandma,
Louie loves 'em all!

His favorite relative of everyone?
Gotta be Aunt Deb, you see.
He wrote a school report on her,
It's family history!

Louie, wonderful brother,
And extraordinary son.
Keep on touching our hearts,
Keep on having fun.

You truly are so special,
A miracle from stars above.
Happy birthday, dearest one,
With all our joy and love.