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Treat Mom to a Customized Poem for her Birthday!

Poetry for a birthday is a super present. And poems for your Mum's birthday will be the star of the party. Especially if you're talking about a customized, individual poem from PoemsToGo! At PoemsToGo, our expert writers work with information that you provide. We make sure it's personal and poignant - created to touch funny bones and heart strings alike.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Birthday Poem for your Mom

Dear Mom,

Where does time fly,
Good gosh, whoa Nellie!
It's the 60th birthday
For Mary Marcarelli.

Mom is a doozie
Queen of the pips.
Dad says he married her
For her beautiful lips.

She's so sugar sweet,
A regular dandy
'Cause she loves it so much
Eatin' her candy

She's from Cambridge, Mass.,
A big family.
Two sisters, six brothers,
That's a lot - you agree?

'Course Mary was the princess,
Get it through your head.
Served daily by her mama,
Hot cocoa...in bed!

Mom was a great girl,
No denying that.
Busy with so much,
In the closet...with her cat.

Then Mom met Dad,
The princess became Queen.
Can you believe it...
Married at 19!

A great Mother, truly
To three girls on the scene.
Mary Elizabeth, Suzanne,
And then there was Jeanne.

Mom was always there,
Helping is her way.
And you should see her sparkle
On any holiday.

Christmas, Thanksgiving,
Not flustered in the least.
Mom put out a spread
For 30 - a feast.

And all with such humor
Such grace and such style.
I tell you, my Mom?
She makes us ALL smile!

What makes MOM smile?
This darling, this dilly?
The answer is two words:
First Stephen, then Lily.

They're Mom's golden grandkids,
She loves'em up so.
They're the light of her life,
From head down to toe.

Great cook, great Mom
Great legs, says Dad.
With Mary around
What could be bad?

And though she's in Florida
She's still always close. In our hearts she's right here,
We love her the most.

So Mom, on this day
Your life is our glory...
Happy birthday, dearest Mary
It's an epic...your story!



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