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Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids

In search of a birthday poem for your son, or birthday girl, or nephew? For all children, we will write an original happy verse for you.

Our birthday verses will make your birthday party simply unforgettable! Take a look at the verse on this page. It was written for a set of twins. Dear Amy, said Helen, "Thank you so much! It's absolutely lovely."

So when a family birthday is approaching, let PoemsToGo write a poem that will be cherished for years.

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Your birthday questionnaire will follow in your email box. Please tell us a bit about the birthday boy or girl, including personality traits and some family details. These will help to create your birthday verse.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Twins Birthday Poem - Example

Dear Stephanie and Ron,

Stephanie and Ron, our children,
So much pleasure and joy.
Now we await our Raspberry,
Little grand girl or boy…?

The excitement grows at a rapid pace,
We're thrilled in every way.
But let us not forget for each --
The big three-oh birthday!

Ron and Stephanie, they're so cute,
We love them both, just so.
They met at the U. of Denver,
Both were Greeks, you know.

At first they lived in Denver,
Stephanie said I could never come.
She also tried to hide being pregnant,
Hey, a mother's smart, not dumb.

Now they're busy working,
Ron an accountant, Stephanie with Honda.
If you think we love these kids,
Well, we're sorta fonda…

'Both of them for all they are,
Which is tender, sweet and fun.
Our children, yes, how wonderful,
And bright as the summer sun.

They love their football teams,
The Broncos all the way.
College favorites, too,
Crimson Tide - UCLA.

Stephanie loves her golf,
And Ron is nearing par.
He keeps this up and he'll become
A golfing superstar.

The birthday boy is talented,
He's capable and holding
Skills around the house,
Like shelving, and like molding.

'Course politics is something else,
Ron loves the GOP.
But we'll work to set him straight,
The light he needs to see.

Ron's mom and dad, Susan and Garry,
And his brother Chris,
Make for a family nucleus
That surely cannot miss.

The same is said for Stephanie,
Ralph and Jenny, mom and dad.
And then there's our dear Tracey,
Best sister a girl ever had.

Ron loves his video games,
And sushi is a delight.
Seafood's a case where Stephanie
Needs to see the light.

These days awaiting Raspberry,
They watch movies and they nest.
Either way, ANY way,
These two kids are just the best.

All they need's a dog,
A bull terrior would be great.
Is a poochie their own kismet?
Is it simply fate?

So Ron, on the twenty-third,
And Stephanie, the next day.
Our birthday wishes to both of you
Whom we love in every way.

You kids emblazon our life,
Like sunlight from above,
To both of you, forever,
All our warmest, deepest love.


Mom and Dad