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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Birthday Poems and Poetry - An Example

Dear Gordon,

Livin' good, livin' free,
Guess who's 70? It's Gee
He's the man, he's so sweet,
Even with those (gasp) flat feet!

His name for real
Is Silver, yes, it's true.
He's quite a special guy,
Come, share a special view.

Gee's wife is Barb,
As lovely as can be.
A perfect partner in his life
As you can surely see.

As a working man,
Gee was sure no wimp.
In fact, you'd say with certainty,
He was the king of shrimp!

He ran shrimp boats in Trinidad,
Then owned a big shrimp store.
Never enough in Gee's life,
With shrimp, it was always-more!

But busy as business got,
There was always time for another.
A light in Gordon's life
Had always been his mother.

We called her Nanny Sarah
He called her every day.
No son was more devoted
Than Gee - in every way.

Family means the world to him,
That's his favorite story.
Just ask son Gary if that's the deal,
Or just ask daughter Laurie.

Amy, too, a daughter
In all the heartfelt ways.
And then those boys, Mark and David,
Who continue to amaze.

‘Course Gee's a neat freak,
As all the family knows.
He'll clean the plates midway through dinner,
With Gordon, so it goes.

He loves his home on Cape Cod
Spends summer there, so grand.
Then winters back in Del Ray
For beaches, sun and sand.

For spicy food he's a maven,
Adores the tunes of the B.S.O.
If any one has heaven on earth
You'd say that Gordon's all aglow.

A family that adores him,
A career that brought him far.
Warmth of close and caring friends,
He knows what true riches are.

So Gordon, dearest Gee,
That's why we all do say,
Our wishes are forever, for you,
With love-on your birthday.


Gary, Laurie and Amy

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