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Happy 60th Birthday Poems

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Birthday Poems 60th - A Sample

Dear Dad,

Samuel J. Smyth,
Truly best Dad of all.
Now, on his 60th birthday,
As ever, he's standing tall.

Grew up on a farm,
Outside Dungiven, true.
When he and Mum got married,
A great life did ensue.

They built a wonderful home,
Across the river, up the lane.
Worked so very hard,
Had so much to gain.

Dad served as a high school teacher,
Craft and Design, for sure.
He and Mum had 3 girls,
And all kinds of joy galore.

Sabrina, Charlene and Andrea,
Life was always fun.
'Cause Mum is just the best,
And Dad's A-Number One!

When we were growing up,
Kelly's Night Club was the Spot.
Dad would always pick us up,
So late, but he'd never get hot.

Even when we asked him
To go to the chippie on the way,
He never would complain,
What else can we say?

Of course, Dad got his payback,
Next morning at church we'd be.
Dad said it's only fair,
As all could plainly see.

We bought him his first mobile,
The ring tone was fun, first rate.
Dad never answered the phone,
Thought it was an ice cream van, how great!

Now Dad is a Grandad,
Baby Lily lights him up, you bet.
He can't wait to see her on weekends,
Better it just doesn't get.

Dad's always helping all of us,
Whatever we need, he'll do.
Gardening, wallpapering…anything…
Dad's the best at it…so true.

He's the epitome of trust,
Always patient as can be.
Loving, thoughtful and calm,
A wonder to the Nth degree.

His garden is his favorite place,
His flowers extraordinaire.
He's head of the local Sunday school.
Church? Every week you know he's there.

Doesn't drink a lot,
And that, for him, is fine.
Except one classic affair,
When he drained 2 bottles of wine.

Dad, you're just the best,
Shining like the stars above.
From all of us, happy 60th,
With our thanks and all our love.


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