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Send Birthday Invitations in Verse

Take the stress out of planning a birthday party by having a personalized poem created just for you. Lucky for you, PoemsToGo is here to help. Read this: "Dear Amy, What a fun-loving birthday poem you created for my Bill. Full of hearts and kisses, I know this will be a big hit at the party. "Thanks so much, Elaine" At the center of our invitations are your stories. Remember to tell me the date, time and place where the party is going to be held. We'll include it all in your poetic invitation!

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Birthday Invitation Sample

Dear Friends,

On the 18th of November
I rather hope you will
Help us celebrate, with this birthday invitation
Of my handsome husband Bill.

He’ll be a brand new member
Of the Septuagenarian clan,
So if you’ve time, ‘twixt 6 and 9,
Let’s toast this lovely man.

It’s an informal cocktail party
With our family and friends,
Will & Grace will be there
Along with Stacey, Ashley & Ben.

Will and Grace were puzzled
By an invite - then again
In dog-years it’s a lot of fuss
When you’re only turning 10.

We all know Bill’s a nomad,
A man who likes to travel light,
But I promise if you make it
I will keep him there all night.

He’ll be the personification
Of an organized attitude,
Pre-party preparations
Ensuring hobbies don’t intrude.

I’ll hide his fishing tackle,
All garden tools will be secured,
There’ll be no procrastination
Of his duties, rest assured.

It was 1936
When little William first hit town,
FDR was re-elected
And helicopters left the ground.

Mutiny on the Bounty
Won an Oscar statuette,
Jesse Owens took 4 golds
And the Hoover Dam had set.

Bill’s interim adventures
Have been fun and many-fold,
Plus 32 years of marriage
And 2 beautiful girls to hold.

The times we’ve shared together,
Too numerous to measure,
Are treasured safe within my heart,
An endless source of pleasure.

My Bruin football follower
Has always been a smoothie,
He’s even been known on occasion
To tolerate a movie.

In case he starts to ponder
This autumnal time of life,
I’ve given him words of wisdom
As a thoughtful, loving wife.

“In your contemplative moments
Bill, remember this one thing,
You travel down life’s highway
3 years younger than Larry King.”

It’ll be an enjoyable evening
Full of happiness and fun,
So come and join Bill Roen
Turning 70 years young.

We very much hope you can make it,

Best wishes,

Elaine and Bill

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