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Is your best bud finally going to get hitched? Did you think the day would ever come? Now's the time for a poetic toast. The first toast to the bride and groom is given by the best man. His toast actually is the main toast during the wedding reception, while others are certainly welcome to speak.

Here at Poems To Go, we create these toasts in a poem. People have raved about them for years. For many, they're often easier to deliver than a regular speech, as they rhyme!
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On your questionaire, tell me all about your friendship with the groom, and some favorite tales. It's your information that will help create a marvelous poetic toast.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Best Man Toast - A Sample

Hank Toomey, college pal,
Truly a lifelong friend.
At 39 it's hard to believe
Your bachelor life will end.

Down memory lane with Hank,
He did the college swoon.
I'd go to class each morning,
He'd always sleep 'til noon.

Took karate' in college,
Just for kicks, for sure.
Got kicked right out of class one day,
We'll be laughing ever more.

Hank and I own a ski boat,
Finest boat you've ever seen.
I love it for the seagoing adventure.
He loves to keep it clean.

He's a classic in that old blue coat,
A Patagonia, such is that.
And every now and then
He breaks out his old red hat.

From stocks to real estate holdings,
Hank sold at the top of the market.
Well, he THOUGHT it was the top,
Now…his cash? Where will he park it?

We talked of starting up a band,
Me, my wife Julie, Hank and Michelle.
Nick and the fabulous Nickettes,
I love that name, but Hank doesn't think it's swell.

We're partners in a venture,
We make and bottle wine.
Cabernet and Chardonnay,
Our Trio goes down just fine.

All changed for Hank at the time
He met up with Michelle who's great.
They hit it off right away,
I'm truly thrilled to state.

That first meeting was a dinner bash
At a placed they call Chin's Table.
Now we know the resolution,
They're ready, willing and able.

Michelle's a teacher, really loves kids,
Can't wait to have her own.
She's great fun and always thoughtful,
A lovely life these two have sown.

Hank, fit and full of health,
An athlete plainly seen.
My God, the guy's an animal.
Fat percentage? Under fifteen!

He loves ol' Elvis Presley,
Plays guitar and rolls his hips.
Can't water ski, that's obvious.
But he's still one of the ranking pips.

To Michelle and good old Hank,
Lovely couple, dearest friends.
May your love and life go on forever,
And may our friendship meet no ends.

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