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Toast the Groom with a Best Man Speech

Weddings are wonderful -- and the prelude to a wedding...the bachelor party or the bachelorette party...are a fun-filled experience you'll always remember. Let PoemsToGo help you make your bachelor and bachelorette parties extraordinary -- with a completely original toast, or speech.

It's time to toast the couple, so recall some of the bride or groom's past romantic life and escapades. Give a special tribute to the bride or groom and acknowledge their "passing" from a single person to a married person. Delivered by a dear friend, a best man, a Maid of Honor, a brother or a sister, a parent or anyone, our toasts and speeches can be riotously funny, endearingly heartwarming...and all of the above. And again, they're all custom to your event and your bride and groom! PoemsToGo makes it easy.

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In general, a speech that's anywhere from three minutes to five minutes long is considered most suitable. PoemsToGo can help by crafting a poignant, memorable and completely personalized wedding speech or a father-of-the-bride wedding toast.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Father of Groom Speech Example

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to stand here and speak from the heart on this day…the day of my son's marriage. But difficult as it is, I'm going to try my best.

There are a few days in this life that are really special. I mean the extraordinary days, the ones that define your whole life…that stay with you forever and ever. I refer to your own wedding day…the birth of your children…and then, like this one, the wedding day of your child.

My son, Grant, has always been special. Always a good and decent and loving young man. I must admit, however, he has always been a bit of a wild child, too. He likes to get his own way and he likes to do what he wants to do. That's ok, though. He's stubborn, yes, like a mule sometimes. But he's also great…and giving and thoughtful. His heart is real and strong.

He likes to take a drink now and then. Perhaps one or two or twelve. And he likes to be with his mates. And that's ok, too. He also likes -- in fact, he LOVES to be with his lovely bride to be. They really are a special young couple, and that's just fabulous for all. But more on the couple later. First, I want to say a few words about this beautiful young lady whom Grant has brought into our life.

Belinda is a special young woman and I'm thrilled that Grant has made her my daughter in law. She's a wonderful new addition to our family. And on the subject of families, I am most happy to be joining, in a sense, families with Belinda and her wonderful parents, Karen and Jeff Sheather. This union extends to all of us, to our new, extended family…and I feel quite happy for it.

I look at Grant and Belinda and I beam inside because I can see how they really do love each other. Theirs has been a wonderful relationship right from the start. They're always there for each other, always enjoying all their time together. Anything I have ever read or heard about soul mates makes me think that these two, Grant and Belinda, are truly just that. Soul mates, walking through life together, fulfilling each other, supporting each other, loving each other.

I can envision plenty of great times for these two. Their times together are magical. And the other times, Grant at the pub, Belinda going shopping…all will be just fine. Who knows? Perhaps they'll find a midpoint at which to meet. Grant can go shopping occasion. And Belinda can join Grant at the pub. One never knows. The world is filled with wonders of all kinds.

Belinda is just lovely and she warms my heart. Sometimes a bit shy, always loving and warm, and truly a family person. Grant is a great son and he has a great deal to offer. So these two, Grant and Belinda, are marvelously lucky to have found each other. And we…their parents…are lucky to see our children finding such love, such joy in their lives…in this world.

My only tinge of sadness on this wonderful day is the fact that Grant's grandparents cannot be here because of health issues. They are sorely missed and we send our love and our thoughts to them. They are here, for sure, in spirit.

So Grant…and Belinda…to both of you…from all of us…I just want to say how wonderful it is that you found each other, that you have such love and regard for each other. May your joys and your love and your commitment to each other be as strong forever as they are today. You are young and vital and healthy and in love. You have everything you need to make a wonderful life. Live it to the best, live it to the fullest. With all the love in the world from a father who couldn't be happier…or prouder.

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