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Original Bat Mitzvah Poems

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Examples of a Bat Mitzvah Poem

It's my bat mitzvah day
And it's wonderful you're here.
Now the capping moment,
Let's get it into gear.

It's candle lighting time,
A rite of honor, true
Please come up and help me light one
If I say some words 'bout you.

First candle is in memory
Of my beloved Grandma Rose.
She was just so dear and loving
From her head down to her toes.

We used to visit her in Brooklyn,
Doing crosswords, having fun.
She always had animal crackers for me,
She was warm as the summer sun.

Next is grandma and grandpa,
Love is what they're all about.
We get together for the holidays,
Or just to visit and hang out.

They always give me the greatest gifts,
They ARE the greatest, it's true.
Please share this shining moment with me
By lighting candle two.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Susie,
And of course, cousin Jess.
When it comes to having fun,
You guys are just the best.

Your house is party central,
New Year's Eve and each Thanksgiving.
Come up and light candle three,
To celebrate fun and living.

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Miriam,
Cousins Brooke and Ryder and Zach.
I grew up with you guys,
Fun those days would never lack.

Aunt Miriam took lots of pictures,
Photo album memories.
To honor those golden upstate days,
Light candle four if you please.

Next is Uncle Robert,
He lives in New York City.
Don't see him all that much
And that's a real darn pity.

A wizard in the garden,
A genius at making green grow.
Uncle Robert, candle five,
I love you lots, you know.

Nancy, Ron, Brooke and Beth,
My cousins from upstate.
Thanksgiving together is fabulous,
Really is first rate.

You guys are always lots of fun,
And just to have more kicks,
Come up now and light it up,
I mean candle number six.

Cousins, cousins everywhere,
Now Manny, Leslie, Colby and Allie.
Come on up here now,
Hurry, please don't dally.

Christmas and the holidays,
With you guys it 's like heaven.
Yours without a doubt,
Is candle number seven.

Brian, Jackie, Taylor,
And Madison, of course, you.
More cousins and more fun,
You make the holidays special, too.

Come on up and light it,
Candle eight is in your name.
Shine a spotlight on us,
And share my bat mitzvah fame.

Grandma Rose had special friends,
Sylvia, Leo, Dorris and Sharlene.
I'd see them during visits to Grandma,
Those days were like a dream.

Andrew and I would run down the hall.
For candies from Sylvia and Leo.
Please, all four, come light up candle nine,
You'll truly be honoring me-o.

Denise, John, Emily and Erika,
Our neighbors and our friends.
We'd hang out lots and play all day,
For fun that never ends.

Emily's 7, Erika's 2,
I baby sit them now and then.
Will you folks come on up
And light our candle ten?

Candle eleven is for more dear neighbors,
Geralyn, Anthony, Angela and Christina.
We used to ride to school together,
Snug in the car between-a.

We shared many a fun vacation,
The Amish Country was one.
Great Wolfe Lodge was another,
Come light this candle for fun!

Marie and Pat, they're parents,
Of Victoria, my best friend, you see.
Pat takes me home from school,
And there's no one as sweet as Marie.

It's all right on the surface,
No need to dig nor delve.
I love these folks so please come up
And light up candle twelve.

I've got a lot of great friends,
Some I've known for years and years.
They're all so close and wonderful,
Simply put, they're dears.

Friendship is so precious,
I'm sure you know what I mean.
So all my friends, I'll ask you
To come light candle thirteen.

Of all my friends, Victoria
Has it made right in the shade.
We've been close as close can be
Ever since we were in the fifth grade.

We hang out every day,
Or at least have a telephone talk.
Come on, Victoria, candle fourteen,
Light it up, let's go, take a walk.

My brother Andrew I adore,
He's really one swell guy.
Older than me and I know this,
On him I can always rely.

We fought when we were younger,
That's just what kids will do.
Andrew, candle fifteen
Is meant only for you.

My parents are simply the best,
So caring and loving, you know.
Making this wonderful bat mitzvah
Is typical of how they'll go…

…To any extent for their kids,
I love you both so much.
Please come light candle sixteen
And know that my heart you touch.

The last candle I take for myself,
And for all you wonderful guests.
Thank you so much for being here,
And sharing all at our behest.

My bat mitzvah is truly special,
Mostly because you're all here.
I now light candle seventeen,
Thanks to all of you, and all without peer!

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