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A golden anniversary doesn't come along every day, but when it does congratulate your parents with an original speech made by PoemsToG! Whether it is for a special church anniversary or that of a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, our speeches will touch your heart. Read this:

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Anniversary Speech Example

Barbie and George Kingsley. That's the way it's been for forty years. Can you imagine? Fifty years together. Married. Happy. A real old-fashioned love story - the kind that comes so often out of Hollywood - or West Hollywood, give or take a few miles.

Both Mom and Dad are erstwhile New Yorkers. Dad came to LA as a kid and he went to UCLA, for undergrad and for law school. Mom? She came out as a kid as well. And also went to UCLA. She taught English for a while, then got the bug and went back for a Master's in Psychology. Today she's an MFT. Translation: That's a Marriage and Family Therapist.

They met, Mom and Dad, on a blind date. It was a classic. Dad, trying to be cool, showed up in a smoking jacket -- with a pipe in his mouth. But no tobacco in the pipe. I ask you: Is that sauve or what?

When he finally put the pipe down, Mom and Dad got to know each other, fell in love and came, as they say, one loving couple. Had a few kids along the way, first Ricky and then me, Todd. And they made a wonderful, loving home for both of us. Family has always meant the world to Mom and Dad -- and it shows. Maybe they always had it in their hearts. Or maybe they learned it from GG and Papa -- my maternal grandparents.

Mom and Dad have always been there for us -- in every way. As mentors, as friends, as lodestars, as loving parents. Heck, sometimes I think Dad even loves us as much as he loves the Lakers. In our house, everything always revolved around the Lakers' schedule. And it's family lore around Casa Kingsley. When Mom was having Ricky, Dad, the expecting father, paced back and forth like a madman. He would leave Mom's room and go out to give updates to GG and Papa. And in turn, Papa would give Dad the latest score of the Laker game that was going on at the time. By the way, for the record, Ricky was born healthy and happy a short while later. I honestly don't know whether the Lakers won or not, but I'll bet Dad can tell you.

He's 67 years young and he's a remarkable athlete. In fact, he's a runner -- and he can run rings around guys 20 years younger. Like Springsteen, he was born to run. It's a part of him. In his blood, maybe. And on his license plate, which happens to be: "GK 10K."

Mom's in great shape, too. Lovely and thin as ever. But she makes it difficult for the rest of us to stay slim. That's because she's a wiz in the kitchen -- baking deserts that are, well, simply extraordinary. You must try her Petite Gateaux, a chocolate cake with a dream whip center and a chocolate ganache top -- with sprinkles.

She's also a knitter and her sweaters adorn and warm the whole family - with her love.

Dad coached me as a fledgling long distance runner. Mom coached me when it came to theater and musicals. We love them with a passion and we always love to see a show together.

Of course, on the subject of love, Mom and Dad have 3 relatively new grand passions in their lives. I refer, of course, to their grandchildren. Brother Ricky married Thalia in 1995, and they have 3 wonderful, adorable kids: Abby, Adam and Ariella. Mom and Dad, aka Grammy and Popi, are probably the world's most loving grandparents. And those kids are in for many sweet times ahead - that's for sure.

I could go on forever about Mom and Dad. About how they're both so honest and caring - how they seem to compliment each other so wonderfully - so beautifully - about how they've always been such great parents - so supportive - so loving - so compassionate and so patient.

But you'll just have to take my word for it. Besides, if you know Mom and Dad, and you wouldn't be here if you DIDN'T know them, you know all about them anyway.

So with that in mind, with pride and praise and a whole lot of love from all of us to these two special, wonderful people - I say thank you for everything - and I wish you at LEAST fifty years more to keep on running, keep on baking, keep on rooting for the Lakers, keep on knitting, and keep on finding your peace and pleasure and happiness. You deserve no less.



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