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Anniversary Poems and Poetry

Planning a beautiful anniversary celebration? Send your love and wishes today with a heartfelt poem, custom-designed by Poemstogo! From a one year anniversary poem to the 25th, 50th and beyond, a personalized verse from poemstogo says it best.

Hi Amy, "Thank you again for turning around this poem so quickkly. It was a HIT hit at the anniversary party. It was a big surprise to both friends and family as I kept it a secret. Thanks again for all your hard work." Best, Mark

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Anniversary Poetry Example

Dear Susie,

What’s it all about?
Of what can we be sure?
For me the best, it started
Back in 1974.

That’s the year we married,
Sweet Susie became my bride.
She’s the sunlight in my life,
An ongoing source of pride.

‘Course we met ten years before
We took that walk on down the aisle.
The year was ‘64
And just the memory makes me smile.

The meeting came about
Through something magical -- like fate.
All because dear Barbara
Had a vision – a blind date.

Now Barbara she is family,
My Susie’s dear ol’ cuz.
She came up with a great idea –
Remember? This is what it was:

She said to Susie, sweetie,
There’s a fellow you might prize.
He’s a cutie, and a redhead,
With sad, you know, Basset Hound eyes.

Well, Susie was a gamer,
She took a shot, she said yes.
What would happen next?
It was anybody’s guess.

But it all worked out so well,
I thank the stars above.
We knew almost ASAP
Steve and Susie were in love.

But not just lovers, uh uh,
We are truly best of friends.
So close, so caring, in the know,
The wonder never ends.

Our love reached a fruition
Oh, can you tell me when sir?
T’was November ‘81
With the birth of our son, Spencer.

We made a home, a lovely home.
The three of us – together.
With Cocker Spaniels like our Tulip,
It’s all been sunny weather.

She’s an artist with her cakes and tarts,
A wizard with chocolate pies.
Take a taste, believe, it’s awesome.
And she brings a tear to your eyes.

I can’t forget that race
From the Marina down to Mex.
Sailing stormy seas as if the heavens
Put on a horrid hex.

My watch was dead of night
And the waves were crashing high.
All alone I was – and miserable
Until an Angel came to nigh.

It was Susie from below,
Adorned in all her foul-weather gear.
She took the helm and steered the boat
With a calmness that was clear.

And even though she’s Democrat
While I’m strictly G.O.P.
I tell you now, without a doubt
There’s no one else for me.

So Susie, dear, on this event
I must be deep, not cursory.
Our love is thirty years in length.
Dear, I wish you happy anniversary.



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