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50th Anniversary Verses

Customized poetry for a wedding anniversary

PoemsToGo has written many 50th wedding anniversary verses over the past thirteen years. Besides being a hit with the crowd, I couldn’t be more pleased.  The testimonials speak for themselves.

Original poetry for a wedding anniversary makes a lovely gift. From the children to the parents, or from the friends of the family, your poem will be lovely. Please note: all poems and speeches are truly special, based on your own information.

“Dear Amy, The anniversary poem you wrote for my parents was beyond wonderful. I had many people smiling and crying! Thanks so much for helping me out in short order. Sincerely, Susan”

After you place your order, you will receive your poetry questionnaire to complete.  Kindly fill this out and then email back to me. From your details, I will create your anniversary poem.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me. Or call me: 508-330-0028. I can’t wait to write for you today.

50th Anniversary Verses Example

Dear Mom and Dad,

Whattaya say? Whattaya know?
Sonia and O.J. Thibodeaux…
Celebrating big that big 5-0 year,
This is great, do you hear?

They married back in old Lake Charles
The year was ’54.
Dad was an Air Force officer
And Mom he did adore.

They settled in and made a home,
Life was a piece of cake.
‘Course Mom could hardly cook back then,
Remember poor Dad’s friend’s steak?

But soon the couple got their groove,
They settled in for joy.
And pretty then one day it happened,
They had a child – a boy.

His name was Michael, he was first
But clearly not the last.
Steve and Susan followed.
Then Cheryl and David were cast.

Those Lake Charles days were fun-filled,
Happiness was like the law.
We had it all, and down the road we had
Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw.

But on we moved to Baton Rouge
Then off to Houston, Tex.
Dad worked real hard for all of us
But what would you expect?

This great old guy, the greatest Dad
He made us all so proud
Especially when, at dinner time…
Boy! Could he whistle loud!

And Mom, meanwhile, was growing
Into a super-duper cook.
A paragon of the kitchen,
A queen of the breakfast nook.

We traveled such a lot back then
Our family hit the road.
The Rockies, Colorado,
Oh, how the joy…it showed!

We had a grand old time,
And we never hit a funk.
Even when it rained outside
We laughed and played “double skunk.”

Family always meant the most
To dear old Mom and Dad.
Our grandfolks, they were priceless
Oh, the times we had!

The days at Tootsie’s farm
Were filled with ooohs and ows.
Fresh eggs Tootsie’s chickens.
Thick milk right from her cows.

And Maw-Maw was the mistress
Of gumbo, oh-so yummy.
While Paw-Paw was a legend,
His bar-be-que filled every tummy!

Now Mom enjoys her TV soaps,
Including The Guiding Light.
While Dad savors those great country tunes,
For them the world is right.

Our folks are really perfect
They did everything for us.
Mom worked hard to make a great home
For her family – always a fuss.

And Dad? He always burned the oil,
Such a great and grand old guy.
Except, of course, when times got tough
And he gave us…gulp…THE EYE.

And now our wondrous Mom and Dad
Are grandparents twelve times over
IN fact, they’re GREAT-grandparents,
Goodness…a feather can knock me over.

So on this great occasion
Of this 50th year as one…
The only thing that’s left to say
Is folks…thanks for the fun.

We give you our respect and love
And joyful admiration.
We thank you with our hearts so full
Of boundless inspiration.

Now all that’s left to say,
Amidst the love and all the fun,
Is Mom and Dad, dear parents,
Next stop is fifty-one!



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