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Poems for 90th Birthday

90 years old! Can't be? Where have the years gone? Seems like only yesterday that your Mom was young thing! Now, she has reached this golden age. Wow, and she's looking good too, with that same spunky attitude. Through all the years of her life, now it's her big day! Do something super wonderful and celebrate her life with an original, fabulous poem made by PoemsToGo!

"Dear Amy, What can I say about your Mom? As you know, I'm not one for loss of words but in this case, I honestly didn't know what to say. After all, I've given her my love, taken her on all kinds of trips, brought her the moon and still it wasn't enough. There was nothing left, except to give her one of your fabulous poems. So I ordered one up and my God, did she love it! She told everyone in the nursing home about the poem and made sure they knew that this poem came from her daughter. I'm telling you Amy, this was the best present, a gift that she will certainly remember forever and a day. With love, Larry"

My poems are 15 stanzas long and last about one minute in length. If you'd like a longer one, just let me know. Be sure to read some true-life testimonials today!

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

90th Birthday Poems - An Example

Here’s to Sylvia Barron,
And 90 glorious years.
Just to set the record straight,
She’s one of the world’s best dears.

A marvel of a mother,
Superb grandma, too.
We love her just so much,
For all the things she’ll do.

This nifty Norwegian cruise,
A way to celebrate.
Sailing the high seas,
With mom – it’s just so great.

Now she lives the good life,
Boca Raton, the best.
But all her life, in fact,
Our mom has stood the test.

The shopping trips to Loehmann’s,
We could easily spend the day.
Everyone there knew us well,
What else can we say?

Summers at the cottage,
Nantasket, on G Street.
Oh, those golden days,
Truly can’t be beat.

The Cousins Club, our family,
Norumbega Park, you know.
We had so much fun,
How we’d love to go.

Mom’s family means the world,
Phyllis and Cheryl, daughters dear.
And joy of joys, the grandkids,
Gotta make that clear.

3 grandsons, David, Jonathan,
And there’s Michael, too.
Granddaughters, Laura and Suzanne,
Love ‘em up is what mom will do.

Our first trip to see David,
In mom’s beloved VW car,
She drove with a grand passion,
To see her little star.

She’s truly ahead of her time,
By that, I mean early for sure.
She can rise at 4AM,
Ushers a new day in the door.

She’s a bridge and canasta star,
At cards she sure can play.
Exercises every morning,
In the swimming pool, each day.

All those family birthdays,
Mike’s Ricotta Cheese pie, a fixture.
Mom always had it all,
A golden, loving mixture.

Never a complaint at all,
Role model extraordinaire.
Utterly self-reliant,
Mom, you sure have it…flair!

So mom, you are the greatest,
Like all the stars above.
Happy 90th and many more,
With all our thanks…and love.


Cheryl and Family

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