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80th Birthday Poems

Would you like a 80th birthday poem for your husband or wife?? At PoemsToGo, we will create a heartwarming one, full of your stories. An excellent alternative to the typical birthday card, your poem will be remembered with love for years.

Your birthday goes by so fast. Right now is the time to celebrate a wonderful life. Read this: Dear Amy, "What a terrific birthday poem you wrote. It's uniquely designed and can't be beat! Many thanks, Julia "

So for Moms and Dads the world round, let me write a heartfelt rhyme to celebrate the day. ORDER NOW!

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

An 80th birthday Poem

Eighty years young, that’s our dad,
Always the King of our house.
He was my very first love,
I was his “Missy Mouse.”

Married for 53 years,
Mom was the love of his life.
The neighborhood girl of his dreams,
Made her his dear, loving wife.

Oh, the great times we had,
Always so much fun.
Dad, you made it all happen for us,
Always as bright as the sun.

You coached the boys at baseball,
And Mikey homered, oh joy.
Mom jumped up on the backstop,
Screaming out loud, “That’s my boy!”

With all eyes upon her she gushed,
And I don’t with price, you see.
Mom was wetting her pants,
It’s all still hysterical to me.

Dad used to take us all fishing,
And I yapped just all the long day.
As a coup de grace, I caught Mikey's ass,
I ask you, what did I do wrong?

One winter night of yore,
Dad hosed the back yard, who would think?
After 12 hours of deep, deep freeze,
We have our own skating rink!

We skated all day and night,
Loved it with joy and with flair.
I tell you one thing about dad,
He’s always so…extraordinaire.

He’s blessed with a world of great patience,
And a world of friends just so dear.
Inner strength to be admired,
Dad’s multi-merits are perfectly clear.

Loved by all of his children,
Grandchildren and great grandson, too.
Dad, you’re nature’s true nobleman,
In everything you ever do.

Your childhood stories enthrall,
Your love for mom is legend, so sweet.
In all the ways that count most,
Our dad sure just can’t be beat.

A fan of the Orioles and Ravens,
We love to chat all intra-game.
Dad will call me on a touch down.
A homer? I’ll call him the same.

I’ll never forget that great night,
Before I left the house.
We went sledding, the two of us,
Just dear dad and his ol’ Missy Mouse.

We sledded all that night away,
Talking and laughing our way down those hills.
That night still warms my heart magically,
Still gives me the greatest of thrills.

Dad, when you wiggle your ears,
It’s like sunlight that’s dancing above.
On your 80th golden birthday,
Our dear wishes and true endless love.



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