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60th Birthday Poems

Say happy sixtieth birthday with a personalized poem to remember. Do words escape you? Fret not. Let PoemsToGo write an original birthday poem that you will adore.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Example 60th Birthday Poem

Oh my goodness, golly,
Can mom be 60 already?
The years go by so fast,
Not so slow -- and steady.

She's the Executive Secretary,
Orbital Science is her firm.
It's mom's job to rule the roost,
And make 80 engineers just squirm!

She grew up in Granite City,
Second child of four.
Brothers Bob and David and Ron,
Did they have laughs? For sure!

Uncle Bob remembers
Mom's climbing abilities couldn't be finah.
One day she scaled a kitchen cabinet
And knocked down all the nice china!

Other times on 14th Street,
Grandma knew her daughter best.
To stop the running around like crazy,
She leashed up our mom's chest.

Our mother in a dog harness!
Can you imagine that?
Mom tied up in a tether,
And grandma standing pat.

Uncle Ron remembers,
Mom would do her best.
By dressing her and Uncle Dave
In a little Barbie doll…dress.

When we kids were little,
Around 10, 9 and 8,
Mom took us to the Grand Canyon,
Boy, it sure was great!

We kids got oh so close
To the edge of that canyon wall.
Mom stood right behind us,
Yelling out, "Hey…don't fall!"

"If one of you falls in," she warned,
"I'll toss over the other two."
We jumped back right away,
What else were we to do?

Mom had 3 kids for a reason,
This is what she'd say.
One kid washed, one kid dried,
And one put the dishes away.

She was always a great mom,
There for us, it's true.
Our regular "Rock of Gibraltar,"
There for everything we'd do.

Once mom gave us angel food cake,
I salted Mary Ellen's piece.
Then I challenged her to an eating race,
The action didn’t' cease.

Mary Ellen stuffed her mouth,
Then she started to cry from the salt.
I laughed throughout it all,
'Til an angry mom called a halt.

Later on, more daring,
From the garage Jennifer took the car.
But mom was on to her, it seems,
Somehow, she raised the bar.

She's Grandma Mary now,
Gives "ginny goos" like mad.
A tickle under the chin,
Makes all the kiddies so glad.

Then my little Sophie,
As "Tinker Bell," her heart sings.
But all costumed…regardless…
She couldn't fly: No wings.

We called up Grandma Mary,
To talk away Sophie's tears
But Grandma promised pixie dust,
You'll fly," she insisted, to my fears.

Thank goodness Sophie forgot it all,
By the time mom's pixie dust came.
Sophie had switched to a Cinderella girl,
All ends well just the same.

The family adores mom so,
All of us, it's true.
Mom, you're just the best,
At everything you do.

We thank you so very, very much,
With wishes wide as stars above.
Happy 60th birthday, mom,
From your family…with all our love.



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