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Celebrate your 60th Anniversary with Love

Amy, "This past Sunday was a really special day. My brother hosted a 60th anniversary party for my parents. One of the main highlights was the poem you wrote for us. It was GREAT! So many unique experiences were woven into it that caused laughed from the group an flooding memories back to us. Thank you so much. You have a real talent! " Sincerely, Angela

Here at PoemsToGo, we specialize in writing anniversary poems for all of the years of your life. Each verse is based on your parents lives.
such as you see below.

Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a special anniversary questionnaire to complete. Please tell me all about your parents, their best qualities, physical, emotional and some heart-felt stories. I will use your information to create a touching verse for you.

So be like Angela and kindly place your order here.

I will return a first draft to you within four working days. If you're in a rush, please be sure to check off the rush order box found halfway down on the order page.!

I look forward to writing a special anniversary poem for you and your family today.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

60th Anniversary Poem Example

Ed and Ceil Hood,
AKA E and C.
Now a 60th anniversary bash,
For everyone to see.

Yes, it's true, so long ago,
They met at Wayte High School.
Mom was a cheerleader beauty,
Dad was tough and cool.

Her East Side roots were tres chic,
He hailed from Point Place, sans fuss.
Dad hung out with bad boys, yes,
They even hijacked a bus.

One day dad and Dick Breneman,
Went to a football game.
Dad checked out the cheerleaders,
And he never again was the same.

Dick lined up a sailing trip,
3 guys and cheerleaders, too.
2 of the gals were named Sis Barrett,
Believe it 'cause it's true!

Mom and dad hit it off fast,
The knockout and her guy.
Got married on September 10th,
And together, the seas they'd ply.

They sailed most every weekend,
For 9 years, a Thistle was their ship.
The daring seagoing captain,
And his first mate…who was a pip!

Of course, before all this,
Dad hit up mom for a loan.
He borrowed 250 smackers,
And it was their marriage cornerstone.

Why, you ask, was that?
'Cause dad reasoned without slack,
It'd be cheaper just to marry her,
Than to have to pay it back.

They had 2 wonderful daughters,
Carol and Angela are we.
The family means the most, for sure,
As anyone can see.

Specially now, with grandkids,
Of whom there are these two:
Sam and Hayley are their names,
So great in all they do.

I'll never forget our epic flight
To be with dad out at Ft. Sill.
That airplane ride was horrific,
The memory makes me nauseous still.

But when I first saw dad there,
I gave him the biggest smile.
To this day, dad still recalls it,
It's family love, our family style.

So mom and dad, with great happiness,
We celebrate this day.
And tell you from our hearts,
We love you in every way.

60 years together,
How wonderful for sure.
With thanks and love and amazement,
For now…forevermore.



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