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A 50th birthday celebration deserves something that is uniquely you! This is a big birthday, and of course, you need to say a few words to your spouse, your friend, your lover. Let us, at PoemsToGo, write a special one for you today.

"Dear Amy, Just a HUGE thank you for writing such an bright, full of life birthday speech for my dearest friend. I tried to relay all the details that I could think of to you and you did an outstanding job for me. With much gratitude on a job well done, Matty"

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

50th Birthday Speech Sample

Here's to Peggy Young on this, her fiftieth birthday! Peggy, of course, is my dearest friend. I knew her long ago, when she was Peggy Vollmer. We met in Class 1 way back at St. Anne's primary school in Suva, Fiji. We spent 8 years there together -- and they were 8 wonderful years in every way -- even though it took a lot of effort on my part to keep that wild Peggy in line and out of big trouble.

I'll tell you how close we were as little girls. Fact is, our mums were close friends, too, and we called each other's mum "aunty." We actually grew up thinking that we were really cousins. And today, our children introduce each other to their friends as cousins. So the closeness…and all the great friendship lives on through generations. And it's really great!

I remember those days as girls together. We had so much fun. At Peggy's house, she'd make breakfast for us. She put food coloring in the pancake batter. We would eat green or pink pancakes. It was hysterical.

There was always plenty going on in Peggy's house. We'd sit in a room and say our evening rosary with Tua Seba, Peggy's grand uncle. Peggy's brother was always being naughty, trying to make us laugh with all the funny sounds that came out of his mouth…and out of his other end. We also had Peggy's cousins coming over, too. There was Margaret, the Raikuna brothers, the Sandy brothers and Peggy's younger brothers, of course. It was hysterical. All of us, in one room, with Tua Seba…trying, supposedly, to pray.

Peggy might seem sweet, but deep down she was a very, very naughty girl. As we got older, we used to go out dancing. Peggy's mother established a curfew for us and she had a fail-proof way of knowing exactly when we got home for the night. At least, to HER it was fail proof. It was very simple. Peggy's mother never gave her a key to the front door, so we had to knock on that door and Tua Seba would let us in. He would dutifully report to Aunty Tere precisely what time we got home -- which was often at daybreak. For which we caught plenty of trouble later on. Well, one time, Peggy decided to fix things for Tua Seba but good.

One night, before we left to go dancing, Peggy quietly unlatched the lock on a living room window. Many hours later, when we got home, instead of knocking on the door right away, Peggy pushed open the window and climbed through it into the house. Then she went to the clock on the mantle and turned the time back from about 4am to 12 midnight. Then she climbed back out where I was waiting, and only then did she knock on the door. Tua Seba opened it and let us in, acknowledging that it was "only" midnight. He went off to bed and so did we -- but first, Peggy turned the clock back to the right time. The next morning, Aunty Tere was thrilled to learn that her two Cinderellas had gotten home by midnight…NOT!

Of course, Peggy grew up just fine. She married John Young and they have a wonderful marriage and 4 truly beautiful children. All were born in Fiji and now all, incredible as it seems, are young adults. Agnes and Timothy are both serving in the Australian army. Antoinette and Melissa have good jobs in local businesses.

Meanwhile, Peggy, who was always a looker, is as beautiful as ever -- inside and out. Those classic Vollmer eyes, big and bulging and gorgeous, are as distinguishing as ever. She's tall and slender, she loves to dance and laugh, she enjoys her wine and cheese. On hot days, she savors an eskee of icy cold beer. And on ALL days, she's a big pain in the butt to her loving husband.

Now, I have a confession to make to all of you. Even though Peggy and I are childhood friends from way back, the truth is, she's a year older than me. So while she's now 50, I'm a still youthful 49. Peggy, congratulations. You are officially an "old bag."

I mean what I say. And I say it with all the love in the world. To one who has always been a fabulous friend, loyal and trustworthy and so much fun. Peggy Vollmer Young, even though you're an old lady now, you are forever young…and your wonderful friendship means the most to me. Have the happiest of birthdays, you old bag. And know that I'll love you and enjoy you forever and ever.


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