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50th Anniversary Verses

Poems To Go has written many 50th wedding anniversary poems over the past ten years. Customized poetry for a wedding anniversary really is a special gift. Here is a 50th anniversary poem that I wrote from a granddaughter to her grandparents which was happily received.

The sample on this page was written for a Golden Wedding Anniversary too. "Amy, What an adorable poem you wrote for my folks 50th anniversary. I couldn't have said it better. It's just great. Sincerely, Rachel"

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

50th Anniversary Verses - An Example


Their marriage has endured now,
Through the laughter and the tears,
Yes Paw and Granny Wiehe here,
Have been married fifty years.

How did they get together???
Well, Paw thought she looked cute,
Working on that little stand,
While her grandad sold his fruit.

For them it's not so long ago,
When they had started dating,
Granny went to Charlotte,
But then Paw got fed up waiting.

She had gone to see her cousin,
But it was driving him insane,
And so before the week was out,
He brought her back home to Mebane.

One thing that Paw learned back then,
And he has kept it in his head,
You better learn to walk in mud,
Or else your white shoes may turn red.

Granny was pure country,
And for Paw that hit the spot,
So it didn't take too long,
Before these lovers tied the knot.

Doug and Sue were their friends,
So just to save some trouble,
They came over to the preacher's house,
And made the wedding double.

Two weddings for the price of one,
That sounded mighty fine,
On the 19th of December,
Back in nineteen fifty nine.

Paw thought he'd won the lottery,
Granny was just so good looking,
But unfortunately her talents,
Didn't stretch as far as cooking.

I am sure when he looks back now,
If he could only have one wish,
He'd ask "please take the head and tail off"
Before you start to cook the fish!!

So the years they started rolling,
Their marriage blossomed and grew strong,
And then one after the other,
Their four children came along.

Time has passed some more now,
But we have cause for celebrations,
Because their family has expanded,
And now it's reached three generations.

We still spend our time together,
But sometimes people get a shock,
When we get thirty one together,
It's not a family, more a flock.

But just looking at this couple,
Of one thing we can be sure,
Through the good times and the bad,
True love always will endure.



Veronica, Rachel and John

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