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50th Anniversary Poetic Toasts

A wonderful way to acknowledge a half-century of love and commitment is with a personalized golden anniversary poem. Our toasts are made into a heartfelt poem.

Dear Amy, "Thank you for such a romantic anniversary poem for my parents. It's better than perfect! Much love, Barbara"

From the 1st year of marriage to the 5th and beyond, your poem will be remembered for many a year.

Your poem will be based on your special stories about the anniversary couple. Tell me all about them. Now, place your order here. Your anniversary questionnaire will be delivered to your email. Just complete and email it back to me.

You will receive your poem via email within four business days.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

50th Anniversary Toast Wedding - An Example

Dear Mom and Dad,

A toast to a couple blessed from above
From their daughter Barbara with respect and love
To 50 years of marriage, laughter, to lives lived well
A toast to my parents, Jim and Martha Raphael.

Jim was handsome and strong, tanned and fine
With muscles rippling from the pipeline
Standing in the sun, sleeves rolled at the seam
Wearing a white t-shirt, just like James Dean.

Martha was tiny; a petite 5’3’’
Both fell deeply in love, wed at nineteen.
In Ranger they first made their home
To Midland they moved when it came time to roam.

This love story deepened as the family grew
To love and be loved is a true gift, they knew
But love can be difficult, as we all know
They have little patience for those who drive slow.

Both are passionate people; they challenge each day.
She wants “to bulldoze people out of her way!”
They are charismatic, and sometimes they bicker
But the love in their hearts is a fire that flickers.

Their fiery passion is not limited to life;
It includes Mexican food, which we’ll have tonight.
And dear Tippi, their dog, who was part of each day,
Both think of her often since she’s passed away.

Their grandchildren impress with their talents and skills
He attends every concert, she applauds every thrill.
They smile at dance recitals, clap for each prize
All six grandchildren are “Number One” in their eyes.

He never plays favorites, she loves all the same
Except when the height factor enters the game
In that case, the tiniest wins home free
Only one young granddaughter is shorter than she.

Both love their friends dearly, some for many years
And hold them so close through laughter and tears
They travel on Tauk tours when the weather is light
Or dine with the “Friday Bunch” each Friday night.

They worship at Trace Baptist Church on weekends
To sing and pray with family and friends
The best time of day is to blanket in wraps,
Snuggle in their recliners, watch golf, and take naps.

But sometimes they love to be active and play,
As in Bastrop State Park, when one golf ball escaped
Jim tried to save it, but took a great fall
And fell into a ditch, golf outfit and all.

Their time spent together is measured so well
On collected timepieces, all gifts from her fellow
She places each one in a different room
Imagine the noise when they all strike noon.

Martha’s taste is impeccable, as is her smile
We love that she keeps him dressed up in style
Jim’s white hair is striking, her voice has a lilt
They greet each snapshot with a Raphael tilt.

Though sometimes his hearing can come and can go
He wears his aid frequently, that’s how we know
But at times we wonder if he hears our voices
Or thinks of who’s talking and THEN makes choices.

The greatest choice they’ve made is to find each other
They are a blessing, my Father and Mother
So let’s toast to love, laughter, marriage and mirth:
To Jim and Martha, the best parents on earth.

Happy 50th Anniversary and Many More



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