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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A 50th Anniversary Speech Example

I want to tell you a little bit about Ray and Virginia Benson. As their daughter, I know them from the inside, and I'm here to tell you, this is one GREAT couple. Now, in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary, I'd like to share a few insights in to the Ray and Virginia that you folks might not see from your point of view. I think you're gonna like it.

Most of you probably already know the basics about mom and dad. How dad was born in North Carolina and came to Southern California as a boy who joined the Navy and then the Sheriff's department. Mom was born right here, went to El Monte High School and worked for years with LA county.

Now, here's the inside dish on dad. He has a sense of humor that's, well…legendary and wild. Like the time he got up and made a speech at a retirement party…scolded all the speakers before him for making a mockery of the event…and then, with a big grin, proceeded to remove his front teeth!.

Or how about dad behind the wheel? My father, Ray Benson, is a kind and gentle and loving man. But when he gets into the car he turns into Evel Knievel. He always gives fair warning before he starts one of his stunts. "Watch this!" he cries, often with a smirk. Once we got stuck in a big traffic jam after some fireworks event. Dad does NOT like to wait in a line of cars."Watch this!" he bellowed. I knew from experience so I told my son Jon to buckle up and cover up. Dad maneuvered out of that line of cars and got into the opposite lane -- of oncoming traffic. Then he spun the car 180 degrees and started driving IN REVERSE -- until he got all the way to the next intersection --
where he spun the car 180 degrees AGAIN and assumed his place at the head of the line!.

And how about Ray's lovely wife, Virginia? I tell you, there is NO ONE on earth more organized than my mom. But I gotta say, when something throws a wrench in her plans she can improvise with the best of them! Here's an example that will stay with me for the rest of my life..

One year, Halloween rolled around and we still hadn't purchased our pumpkin for the annual jack-o-lantern carving that we both loved so much. We went from store to store and guess what? No one had any pumpkins left. Mom saw my little girl disappointment and it broke her heart -- for a minute…until she came up with the BIG idea. The heck with pumpkins…let's buy a honeydew melon! So we did and we carved it and we put it out in all its spooky glory. Know what? The honeydew was actually better than a pumpkin! Less messy and easier to carve. I've been carving a honeydew every year ever since.

Before I finish, one more family tale. This one's about dad and my grandmother, Maxine Longshore, mom's mother. When mom was pregnant with me, grandma was ecstatic with anticipation. And when mom went into labor, grandma and dad set their plan into motion. They got all the stuff in the car, jumped into the front seat and settled themselves. I guess dad was going a little too slow for grandma's taste. "Let's go!" she shouted. Dad turned to her and quietly, no doubt with that famous smirk, suggested that it might be better still if they took MOM to the hospital with them.

It's funny, thinking about it now, this family of mine seems to have issues with cars and with teeth. I can recall one more tale, this about Joe Longshore, my grandfather. When mom and dad got married, Joe, who had been toothless since 12, splurged big time -- and bought a brand new set which he whittled down to a perfect fit with his pocket knife. He wore them for the ceremony and then he never wore them again.
That's my family, folks. God love them. I know that I do.
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