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Happy 40th Birthday Poem

Say hello to your 40th year! What better way to express your love than with a personalized Happy Birthday poem. We write them, all based on your stories. From funny to sentimental, your verse will be marvelous, guaranteed!

Dear Amy, "Many thanks for a terrific birthday poem. My sweetie is gonna love it just as I do!" Very truly yours, Adam

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

40th Birthday Poem - An Example

Dear Jackie, my true sweetheart,
Can it be the truth?
This 40th birthday, it’s a testament
To your eternal youth.

You’re just as lovely now
As you were when we first met.
And lovely you shall always be,
On that I’ll surely bet.

How you make me laugh
With all the things you do.
Like that hysterical episode –
In Bible study…you!

Remember how you cast aspersion
On clothes you wouldn’t choose?
Like mixing nice black slacks
With…golly, gee! Brown shoes!

Or what about the time
You body surfed sans stop.
And when you emerged from the deep
Your suit was, well, sans top.

But the funniest of all
Is that monkey scheme you cooked.
The guy called demanding chimp cash,
You should have seen how I looked.

But look at YOU right now,
Gorgeous, hear me talking?
It’s a product of your discipline,
And yes, your daily walking.

3 miles a day you amble,
With Karen, Shelly and the guys.
I mean our poodles, Stanley and Woody,
How you love ‘em – without ifs, buts or whys.

‘Course there’s more to love in life,
Great kids like ours, believin’,
I mean the three and only,
Dear Maggie, Hillary and Steven.

I’m thrilled you have a life
That you can enjoy so.
A bath or afternoon nap,
Could you want more? Well…hello?

How about antiquing
And garage sales day and night.
They’re part of your sweet world,
Part of your delight.

And all your gorgeous clothes dear,
Your coats, jackets and shoes.
In taste you are exquisite,
But that ain’t hardly news.

So tool around, dear Jackie,
In your Yukon from GMC.
And know that you just mean the most
To your dear old hubby…me!

For this birthday special
We have this wondrous book.
It’s filled with love for you,
So please…come take a look.

And know that on this 40th birthday,
Or any day of the year,
I love you just so very much,
And you’ll always be my dear.



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