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40th Anniversary Wishes in Rhyme

40 years of marriage! Incredible! What is your parent's secret to stay together all these years? I bet it was a lot of give and take and love and patience. On this day of days, wish them the happiest anniversary with an original poem made by PoemsToGo.

Your anniversary poem is made up of your feelings and memories about your parents. They're unique gifts that your folks are going to love. Please send us some heartfelt stories including their physical and emotional qualities. We'll transform them into a heartfelt, original poem -which you are going to love - take a look at these testimonials.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

40th Anniversay Poems - An Example

Dear Mom and Dad,

Harv and Stella Butler,
Greatest parents in the world.
Your 40th anniversary
Means boundless joy unfurled.

When you met, Mom was in Texas,
Dad was miles away.
From Florida he’d drive like mad
For a weekend just to say:

“I love you, Stella, sweetheart,
I could marry a girl like you.”
Mom thought Dad was crazy,
But I guess she loved him, too.

They married on June the second,
It was 1965.
Mom was thrilled, it’s true.
And Dad? The happiest man alive.

They made a life of love,
And a family of 5 great kids.
Ronnie, Sherri and Trey,
Then Dori and Dean in their midst.

Mom worked hard to make a home
And give us all we’d need.
Dad coached track, then got into business,
Medical clinics are his thing, indeed.

They’ve done quite well, this lovely gal,
Who from Austin, Texas came.
And her soldier boy from Virginia
Who loves her to enduring acclaim.

Mom was a nursing assistant
She enjoys painting and all art.
Dad’s a history buff
And a Vietnam vet at heart.

Mom tunes in to Oprah,
And movies on TV.
Dad was an active jogger
And now he walks miles, you see.

This graduate of VMI,
A cadet who served with pride.
And his wonderful wife, Stella,
A lifetime at his side.

Forty years is something,
It’s a life, a treasure, my!
For Stella and her Harv,
It elicits one soft sigh.

Dear folks, from all your children,
And your grandchildren, no less.
Even Buttons, your cocker spaniel,
We all say you’re the best.

This 40th anniversary
Is a wondrous march of time.
It commemorates a life together,
A life filled with nature’s rhyme.

So Mom and Dad, you’re wonderful,
As parents and as friends.
We celebrate this 40th,
With love that never ends.

Special occasions abound,
And a deeply heart-felt hug,
To our other anniversary celebrants,
Dear Aunt Dottie and Uncle Doug!

Happy 40th Anniversary and Many More



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