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Celebrate your 21st Birthday with a Personalized Poem!

For an extraordinary birthday for your child, let PoemsToGo write a fun and original poem for your party. Tell us all about your child, what makes him or her the best kid in your mind and we will write a personalized verse, sure to delight your family and friends.
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Here are some examples of birthday poems we have written for people from every age for the past ten yers.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Twenty-First Birthday Poem

Her name is Barbara Rose Becker,
And I love her in every way.
Can’t believe it’s time to celebrate
Her joyous 21st birthday.

She’s my lovely second born,
And when her big sister was in preschool,
Barbara and I would exercise,
It was charming, sweet and cool.

Working out to a videotape,
Doing sit-ups on the floor.
A marvelous bonding experience,
Who could ever ask for more?

That photo of little Barbara,
The one with that birthday cake,
Barbara waiting to bite right into it,
It’s a classic, for goodness sake.

I wonder often about those days,
And all they’d mean, you know.
Now, Barbara’s a physical trainer-to-be,
Where on earth does all the time go?

She’s the athlete of the family,
Softball forever is great.
And to drag me out for tennis?
I tell you, she couldn’t wait.

I gave her foot rubs often, sure,
She loved them oh so much.
What a wonderful time we always had,
Simply being in touch.

Barbara’s off in college now,
And playing softball there, it’s true.
If a coaching opportunity comes along,
You know that’s what she’ll do.

I left her with dear “Stanley,”
My wondrous, reliable jeep.
She drove him to high school every day,
What a treasured memory to keep.

So “Cynderella” dearest,
You’re bright as the sun above.
Happy 21st birthday with all the best,
And forever, all my love.



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