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1st Year Anniversary Poems

Time to celebrate your first anniversary? On such a special date, send your hugs and kisses with an original, heartfelt PoemsToGo poem. Read this:

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Poems for 1st Anniversary

Dearest Rob, what can I say?
How I love you in every way.
Now it’s time to mark so clear
Our anniversary…of one year.

You treat me like your princess,
Love me like your MX5.
Is it any wonder why I feel
Like the luckiest gal alive?

You’re just so truly sweet to me,
Generous with your gifts.
Please know what it all means at heart,
And how my spirit lifts.

The way you give me presents,
So cute in their disguise.
Can you see the love, the warmth,
The THRILL that’s in my eyes?

Our grand engagement weekend
Is but one lustrous time.
When you melded everything
Into a glorious life-long rhyme.

From Brighton with your fine uncle,
To Preston with my dad and mom.
You handled everything so well,
And how you kept so calm!

Proposing as you did it,
Oh, how it did touch me.
"Close your eyes," you said,
Then you got down on one knee.

"Now open them," your words were,
I did – and did my heart sing!
There was beautiful Rob
And in your hand – our ring!

Our wedding, it was dreamy,
Replete with vintage cars.
I could have been in heaven
Amidst its shining stars.

Then off upon our honeymoon,
Maldives and Singapore.
Rob, I tell you honestly,
I couldn’t ask for more.

But best of all the dream
Continues to this day.
Darling, we are soulmates,
Together in every way.

I truly feel this from my heart,
I wouldn’t have a clue,
Just how I’d live this life on earth
If life were without you.

You are so very wonderful,
The truest, sweetest dear.
And I’m happiest to say this
On the occasion of our first year.

There is no love that’s brighter
Or anything as warm,
As the love we share together
In its quintessential form.

So on this day we mark our love,
I’ll shed some joyful tears,
And say, with love that keeps on growing,
I’ll look forward to many more years.



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